Workout Motivation and Inspiration

Workout Enthusiasts: Stay Motivated by Literally Wearing Inspiration

How do you stay motivated to get your workout swole on? Is it the music? The apparel? Are you just trying to figure out what ‘getting your swole on’ means?

No worries, we’ve got you.

If you think #ballislife, if you #neverquit, if you believe in #squatsnotshots, or if you’re one of the thousands of #girlswholift, there’s a SwoleBandz wristband for you.


Bio and Life Science Innovation

How The University of St. Thomas is Solving Unmet Needs in Life Science

National Geographic, the BBC, and the Discovery Channel have helped take Life Sciences from labs to living rooms. To be in the field of life science is to be on the front lines of innovation.

At Ideator, we wondered what it was like to be an innovator in this field. Beena George, Dean of the Cameron School of Business at St. Thomas University was kind enough to share how the Master in Clinical Translation Management program at the University of St. Thomas manages innovation and continually maintains a successful program.


Mentor and Mentorship Success

Mentor Connection: Do These 6 Things to Find An Amazing Mentor & Achieve Your Mentorship Goals

“I need a mentor.”

If those four words have ever crossed your mind or come out of your mouth, these 6 tips are designed to help you increase your success in finding the perfect mentor and getting the most out of the connection.

Keep reading to understand how you can find an amazing mentor and get a mentorship experience that helps you achieve your goals faster and easier.


Poindexter_Financial Excel Replacement Software on Ideator Innovation Network

Breaking Up With Excel: Improve Cash Flow & Automate Your Financial Projections With This Simple Solution

Dear Excel,

It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t like you…

Ah, to be able to break up with Excel, with its stuffy formulas, self-aggrandizing pivot tables, and high maintenance charts. Starting and running a business is hard enough, managing your business finances shouldn’t be.

The wonderful part is, there’s a better way…


The Power of an Innovation Network - From Incubator to Investment

The Power of the Network: How One Program and a 30-minute Meeting Led to a $1.5Million Investment

“I feel naked.”

That’s how Carter Wigell, CEO of Ideator, describes how he feels after graduating from the Salesforce Incubator’s first cohort and moving to his own San Francisco office space with co-founder Charlie Smith. Connecting with his 22-person team, more than half of whom are remote, via video conferencing and messaging apps is a stark contrast to the literal and figurative in-person elbow rubbing the incubator provided.





High quality customer service is important for every type of company. Startups are no exception. Arguably, startups’ success depend on providing world-class customer service even moreso, since their name and their reputation is still being crafted.


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