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10 Cool Ideas on

Hundreds of ideas from all over the world are developing through Ideator. Here are 10 cool ideas that have been featured on the Ideator blog:

1. Landspot
It’s difficult to find local experiences in remote locations in developing countries.

Solution: a platform that connects travelers with local entrepreneurs.
2. EyeMenu
It’s difficult to near impossible to see menus at restaurants.

Solution: an app that allows the blind to order food without help.
3. Tripcast
Remote locations lack the technological resources to attract international travelers.

Solution: a large-scale platform that makes it easy to create rich media.
4. MentorMapp
Finding mentors isn’t hard; it’s finding the right one(s).

Solution: an online community to match coaches with personnel.
5. GeoStory
In a new town? Finding food & activities that you’ll enjoy is hard.

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Solution: platform that combines geo-location, interest-based algorithms & social networking to recommend you experiences you’ll love.
6. Spark
Finding on-campus parking is a battle; it is laborious and pollutive.

Solution: user-friendly tool finds the available spots in a parking lot.
7. TrustMesh
There is no independent and reliable system for building trust between citizens of the API economy.

Solution: platform where vendors and customers can build reliable systems around API and trust.
8. SalesBuddy Pro
Managing sales activities and improving performance can be complex and time-consuming.

Solution: a tablet app that makes sales presentations with consistent, accurate content, and allow managers to track performance.
9. Admit Hero
Every year college scholarships go unclaimed & technical options are overlooked.

Solution: platform that profiles high school students who have done extraordinary things, and guides on how to achieve ambitious goals.
10. Ponzi
For those in need of a game with an edge…

Solution: social media game based on the legendary pyramid scheme with one important difference – everyone knows it’s a Ponzi scheme.

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