3 of Richard Branson’s Most Important Insights for Entrepreneurs Just Getting Started

People with great ideas have the ability to change the world in amazing ways. We believe in the power of Ideators, and Sir Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group, agrees:

Budding entrepreneurs with fresh outlooks have the freedom to think quite differently, which is tremendously exciting to potential collaborators.  (Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240497)

But having a great idea is just the start.  To be successful, you need to execute your business with precision and surround yourself with the right people.  The importance of developing your ideas and your circle can’t be understated:

[T]he more proactive you are in building your profile, the more likely it is that potential investors will feel confident enough to put their faith in you — and their money in your company.  Remember that the more relationships you build, the better the chances that your network will put you in touch with the people who can help your business.  (Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240497)

And there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Connecting with the right advisors is crucial to execute your idea with efficiency:

Mentoring is a subject that is very close to our hearts at Virgin; I myself have benefited from many mentors throughout my life.  However, don’t consider mentoring as a quick way to gain useful contacts.  A good mentoring relationship is based on more than that — it’s a way to learn valuable lessons from the mistakes someone else has made.  (Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240497)

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