9 Cool Startups on Ideator.com

Hundreds of startups from all over the world are developing through Ideator. Here are 9 cool ideas that have been featured on the Ideator blog:

1) CompyCat

Real estate brokers need to show the importance of each site location.
Solution: a visualization tool that geographically maps out comparables.

2) Air Charter

Limited direct flights within Africa results in 12 hr wait times.
Solution: on-demand private jets for where direct flights don’t exist.

3) Trash to Paradise

An excess in trash and a pollution problem exists.
Solution: create a system to recycle wastewater using trash.

4) Unifyed

There’s a lack of community and insights into the goings on throughout each college campus.
Solution: go-to app to find local deals, events, & discounts in real-time.

5) Learning Threads

With so much content out there, we need a way to navigate the data.
Solution: optimal learning paths customized to each person.

6) TechChicas.com

Tech education is lacking in Latin America, especially for women.
Solution: Have female tech enthusiasts be ambassadors for one another.

7) Penguin App

The problem with social discovery is that it’s not about making friends.
Solution: forget photos. Let’s make meaningful connections based on interests.

8) Dev4X

The root cause of poverty is lack of education.
Solution: instead of chalk why not solar-powered tablet computers?

9) Mommy Dearest Delivers

Ever been in need of a little TLC when sick?
Solution: on-demand sick day delivery service.

See something interesting?  Click the links on the names above to learn more or get involved. Ideator helps you grow your ideas, build a team, and launch your business.

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