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Getting lost is how one ideator named Adam started his entrepreneurial journey. On his way to an interview, Adam came across a homeless man and asked him for help. We’ll let him tell you the story from here:

When I asked the man for directions he took a pen and turned a napkin into a three dimensional drawing. Astonished by his remarkable abilities, Adam asked him why was he on the side of the road collecting cans when he should be working in architecture, or Designing BMW’s. Adam continues:

He told me he was never able to understand the online process for finding a job, and couldn’t get his foot in the door.

I noticed the same thing with everyone I asked, and boy I asked. People [I found] in libraries, on the street, you name it. I…often found myself grilling managers about their application process [all the while] forgetting that I was there for a job. Years later, I’m ready to change how employment works.

Enter Active Employ, where getting a job shouldn’t be a full-time job. Adam’s mission is to re-invent the job search process by providing access to better jobs and more appropriate hires, faster.

As applying to jobs online becomes more (arguably) unfair and impersonal, Active Employ aims to shift the focus back to who you are as a person as opposed to which words are and aren’t included on your resume or your answers to misleading and manipulative “personality” questions.

For job seekers, using AE will be a breath of fresh air, as we don’t believe in:
– re-directing you to other sites
– using hiring robots
– sending your information to other companies or headhunters
– listing paid posts or click schemes

We are poised to change how people around the world get jobs, removing the tedious:

Register > Upload Resume > Upload Cover Letter > answer questions > wait forever

Path that employment uses. Our goal is to become the Google of jobs, with one click application process for all.

If you are interested in revolutionizing the employment process and can bring the following to the table, please message Adam!
– Develop a API (Connect PHP to Zapier or develop from scratch)
– Design

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