The game of tennis is known for exercising the body, who knew it also exercised the entrepreneurial spirit!

One day whilst at Dartmouth completing his masters, Jhamar Youngblood decided he wanted to play tennis that day. He needed to find a friend around campus who would play with him, so he instinctively turned to Facebook and Twitter to tweet and post “Anyone want to play tennis with me today?” To his surprise, no one replied!

Jhamar explains, “I did research and I found that less that 12% of my friends saw my post. And the average post reach for businesses was around 2%. I thought, how could the most effective 1 to many content sharing platforms have such low content visibility numbers?”

He opened his laptop and did further research. He then learned that 90% of small to medium sized businesses use Facebook and Twitter to connect with their core audience.

“So this problem was bigger than me wanting to play tennis! Everyone, companies, brands, individuals all have the same problem – there isn’t an effective, efficient and free way to get content to your core audience hands.”

Blastchat is a mobile platform that allows companies and others to get content to the people who want to see their content – in a second!

Blastchat allows you to send content directly to your core audience’s devices in seconds with the use of silent push notifications. Send text, pictures, links, videos or gifs to friends, family, consumers, fans and others – they will receive a push notification a second later and when they respond they will respond to YOU and YOU ONLY! Think BCC on email but for mobile. On average 65% of Blasts are seen by your friends and people who turn your blast on. A number that is substantially higher than “the most effective” 1 to many content sharing platforms. After 24 hours your content is deleted to ensure a fresh and updated feed!

What’s been the hardest challenge you’ve faced & how have you overcome it?
The hardest challenge have been building a team and raising funds. I’ve overcome this by going to networking events in an attempt to slowly build my network!

Where do you see your company in the future?
Blastchat will be a platform that connects any two groups of people in the world – in a second! One day people will come to Blastchat to sell/buy things, they will come here to hire people and some will come to find jobs. The possibilities are endless because we believe the information you care about the most in the world should be sent to you a second after it’s made available without you having to waste your time searching for it!

How are you using Ideator? 
Ideator is great! I use the resources often. It’s also a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and hear their stories! It inspires me at times knowing there are others getting through what I am trying to get through!

Jhamar is currently looking to build his team and raise some money! If you are interested in joining the team as a co-founder, advisor or investor – please contact him here. You can also download Blastchat now, in the app store!

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