Why Canada is the latest hot spot for startups

Why Canada is The Latest Hot Spot for Startups


Why Canada is the latest hot spot for start-ups

Starting any new business can be a risky venture: it’s hard to find the monetary support as well as the talent to get what can be a tenuous venture off and running. That’s why lots of startups end up in the same regions or countries: they’ll often find encouragement and financial resources in the same areas with other like-minded people or businesses.

Many people often associate this idea of startup regions with well-known places—Silicon Valley comes to mind. But Canada, it turns out, is becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to startup support and nurturing. Part of that is the country itself. Canada has very low business costs when compared to other countries worldwide. It’s competitive and growing, too, making it attractive for everything from hardware to software companies. The Canadian government continues to lend its support to the startup community, as does the banking and tax structure. In addition, there are community resources that startups are able to rely on to get through the ups and downs of a new business.

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