The Dying Art of Calling

Who’s afraid of the big, bad phone?

According to research, an international telecommunications provider, many American office workers are – at least while on the job. The company recently surveyed U.S. office workers about their phone skills, and nearly half reported having some reservations about making phone calls in an office environment.  Their reasons included anxiety, fear of giving bad news, and miscommunication. (more…)


6 Telephone Etiquette Tips to Improve the Conversation

Things move fast. Not so long ago, people complained that conversation was a lost art. Now, even telephone conversations are going the way of the dodo. So much communication takes place through other channels – text, email, social media – that proper phone manner is getting rarer and rarer. Make sure you have the proper etiquette to make it a welcoming conversation.

But there’s plenty to know, and plenty to learn if you haven’t mastered it. Telephone etiquette isn’t dead yet, and it’s important to signal to whoever’s on the other end of the line that you’re showing them respect and attention. Otherwise, nobody gets what they want in the end – and at Ideator, we want everybody to go home happy. (more…)

A Sticky Value Proposition Opens Doors

You can describe it in 10 seconds.  It leads to follow-up questions.  Questions lead to lunches.  Lunches lead to other meetings.  Between all this momentum, you are closing new business.

In website format, the scenario looks like this: You can describe it in a one to three line phrase.  It leads to more clicks.  Clicks lead to opt-ins and purchase page visits.  Visits lead to purchases.  Between that, users are sharing your links. (more…)

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