How to Get Others to Join Your Idea

How To Convince People to Join Your Idea

You’ve got an idea, and you’re convinced it’s a good one. Turning it into a viable business requires getting others on board with your idea. Whether it be potential investors, people with technical skills, or potential customers, at some point you have to convince enough people of the merits of your idea or it will never get off the ground.



How To Use Ideator – Infographic

Bring your ideas to life with Ideator. Ideator can help you accomplish your goals no matter where you are in the world, your industry, or stage of your ideas.


How to bring your ideas to life with Ideator

You define your goals, Ideator helps you accomplish them. No matter the location, industry or stage of your ideas, let us help you!

Create private Idea Page

Make your personal profile awesome

Find tools in the Resources Portal

Write your business plan/pitch deck

Build out goals/tasks

Invite Team Members

Get your questions answered on Discussions

Connect with Advisors

Track funding goals

Find Investors

Turn Idea public/get up voted

Launch Product/ Service – MVP


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How to Make Your Boss More Open to Change

How to Make Your Boss More Open to Change


A coworker and boss discussing changes in the workplace.

Today’s business world moves faster than ever. Which means every business – no matter how large or small – needs to keep moving forward in order to survive. But sometimes the person in charge of the company gets stuck in a rut. Rather than running the business with an eye toward the future, they get caught up in the successes of the past and stop innovating, which can put everyone’s job in jeopardy.

If your boss needs some help in doing things differently, try these strategies. (more…)

3 Useful Tips on How You Can Be a Great Leader

We all have a certain image of leadership in our heads – a romantic ideal that makes the whole thing seem, among other things, lofty. When we actually get the opportunity to lead, it’s a bit like a first date for someone who watches too many rom-coms: we’re trying a bit too hard because we’re expecting a bit too much.

If you’re really a great leader, you don’t act like one. You don’t have to. All those abstract qualities that people find in their leaders they find on their own. You’re not supposed to make them up or try to project them. Fundamentally, what people actually respond to is a matter-of-fact approach to the business at hand – with a minimum of self-seriousness. (more…)

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