Sebastian has been an entrepreneur, consultant, and CTO of SaaS and Marketplace companies enough times to know they all share similar features: sign up, payment, plan subscriptions for end users, website editing, implement and manage subscription plans, marketing campaigns, analytic monitoring for founders (to name just a few).

Instead of re-inventing the wheel each time, Sebastian knew there had to be a way to create a “better, faster, reusable, flexible and scalable way to build and launch applications.” It all started with him solving his own challenges. Once his solution was validated, especially by non-technical founders, Sebastian knew it was time to build a business.

His mission? Accelerating entrepreneurship by enabling non-technical founders to quickly launch new applications and get to revenue faster. By leveraging the ChimiChurri innovation platform, they can help you launch membership-based, SaaS, Marketplace, and similar web applications more efficiently.

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How exactly does it work?
The ChimiChurri innovation platform can build and launch membership-based, SaaS, Marketplace, and similar web applications products faster, for less money, without sacrificing quality, ownership, or flexibility. How? Flavors (core features) & Toppings (powerful optional add-ons) are integrated onto a standard core. To further compliment what comes ‘out-of-the-box’, the Chimi team is also available to build custom features and integrations should you need their help.

How do they compare to other alternative solutions:
– Traditional web development agency or quality consultant: ChimiChurri is less expensive and faster
– Outsourced development / outsourced freelancer: ChimiChurri is higher quality and has quicker response time
– Learn how to code & build your own product: ChimiChurri is more predictable, shorter, less-painful, and more affordable
– A hosted solution or rapid application development tool: ChimiChurri is more flexible and provides greater ownership on what’s being built.
– Find a technical co-founder that would work for equity: a great solution, but because experienced technical folks can earn very good salaries, it can be very hard to attract the right talent early on without something to show for. This can also be a very slow search, and in the meantime nothing is being built. ChimiChurri provides all the solutions with a time and cost efficient experience

Let’s start with the obvious question for Sebastian, first. Why did he pick ChimiChurri as the company name?

ChimiChurri is a marinating sauce for meat typically found in Central and South American . Sebastian is from Argentina, which should clue you in to one reason he chose the name. ChimiChurri sauce is a delicious, uncooked sauce used for grilled meat, and like many others, Sebastian loves it. Whilst at lunch one day, he was brainstorming names. Seeking an authentic and evocative company name, he realized he had the answer in his mouth, literally!

According to Sebastian if you’ve had ChimiChurri a few times, you may have noticed everyone’s recipe is a little bit different. While a decent ChimiChurri will always have a few basic ingredients (such as oil, vinegar, and certain spices), the amounts and other spices or additional ingredients can vary dramatically.

“The applications we build are not unlike the sauce: while they all share some basics (such as having a website and an admin panel), they also each mix different ingredients (features or add-ons) and content in unique ways, making them all special and different,” explains Sebastian, “to reinforce this idea, we call our basic application blueprints or templates “flavors” and our add-ons “toppings”.” Ingenious and delicious, at the same time, we say!

“Another interesting parallel is with the etymology of the “ChimiChurri” word meaning a “mix of things”. As we navigate the Do-It-For-Me innovation as a service and Do-It-Yourself models, we have traditionally called “Chimi” our innovation platform, and “Churri” our professional services team.”

Not to mention that also both and domains were available when Sebastian was setting up shop!

The hardest obstacle Sebastian has overcome is not one that is new to entrepreneurs:
“Building this type of platform requires lots of engineering effort, time, and iterations. This would be cost-prohibiting without raising funds, so as an alternative we worked on a few aligned consulting projects that enabled us to build the platform as we go. In other words, we started the company as “consultants with a product” and then turned it into “a product with consultants as needed”.

Where does Sebastian see company in the future?
“We’re constantly improving the platform. We’re making it easier to use, adding functionality, and giving more control to non-technical founders so that it’s closer to a Do-It-Yourself model while we’re still available to help with custom development needs and support.

In addition, we may also expand from our current niche of non-technical founders into other market opportunities, too, but it’s a bit soon to talk about that for now.”

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