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Breaking Up With Excel: Improve Cash Flow & Automate Your Financial Projections With This Simple Solution

Dear Excel,

It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t like you…

Ah, to be able to break up with Excel, with its stuffy formulas, self-aggrandizing pivot tables, and high maintenance charts. Starting and running a business is hard enough, managing your business finances shouldn’t be.

The wonderful part is, there’s a better way…

Meet Poindexter.

It’s an insanely simple to use, automated financial projection software solution built especially for startups. The tool helps founders and entrepreneurs budget their cash flow without the need for Excel or even strong financial knowledge. Brandon Crossley, CEO of Poindexter, built this product because he believed, “you shouldn’t have to be an MBA to plan and manage your business finances with confidence.”

So, what makes Poindexter “the one”? Firstly, it’s 10x faster than doing your financial modeling in spreadsheets. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about formula mistakes because you don’t have to create any cumbersome equations. The software automates all the tedious and time consuming parts of doing your financial projections in Excel and presents it in a user-friendly interface designed for anyone to be able to use immediately.

From Brandon, “Our goal was to build a simple plug-and-play platform that any modern entrepreneur could use to quickly gain insights. Just input a few assumptions and Poindexter automatically generates a performance dashboard and full financial statements.”

you shouldn’t have to be an MBA to plan and manage your business finances with confidence

And boom goes the dynamite!

The idea for Poindexter came from Brandon’s work with a number of startups and small to medium-sized businesses. His business background was the perfect skillset to help entrepreneurs get up and running. However, he noticed that the financial projections portion seemed to take much longer than necessary.

The pivotal (no pun intended) moment that ended his relationships with clunky financial management software platforms and time-intensive Excel sheets came when he decided to quit his job at a well-known professional services company and go to work for his dad in the family’s business. Cash flow was a problem and there was a disconnect between financial projections and managing the clutter of cross referencing formulas, sheets, and tabs month after month and year after year.

So, Brandon modeled out a few scenarios and implemented a simple process for managing financial projections long term. The result was improved cash flow and more visibility into the effects of business activities on the bottom line.

It wasn’t just his family’s business that struggled with this, though. Brandon knew that a low understanding of both financial modeling and confusion with the current software options were hurdles for a lot of startups and businesses – especially those in their early stage with few resources and even less time.

Knowing there had to be a better way, Brandon put all of his financial and business acumen to use in order to create a digital solution that made financial planning less cumbersome, more intuitive and accessible.

The result was improved cash flow and more visibility into the effects of business activities on the bottom line.

Poindexter, created for entrepreneurs in the tech space, those who have subscription-based or two-sided marketplace businesses, and small companies just starting out up to those with $10-$15 million in annual revenue, was the answer.

If you’re ready for a better relationship with your business finances, check out Poindexter on the Ideator innovation network platform or sign up via the Poindexter website today at getpoindexter.com.

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