Great Business Ideas in 2015 (Infographic)

Hundreds of startups from all over the world are developing through Ideator. Here are some of the best ideas in 2015 that are on our platform.

Mommy Dearest Delivers

Ever been in need of a little TLC when sick?

Solution: on-demand sick day delivery service.


The root cause of poverty is lack of education.

Solution: instead of chalk why not solar-powered tablet computers?

Penguin App

The problem with social discovery is that it’s not about making friends.

Solution: forget photos. Let’s make meaningful connections based on interests.

Tech education is lacking in Latin America, especially for women.

Solution: Have female tech enthusiasts be ambassadors for one another.

Learning Threads

With so much content out there, we need a way to navigate the data.

Solution: optimal learning paths customized to each person.


There’s a lack of community and insights into the goings on throughout each college campus.

Solution: go-to app to find local deals, events, & discounts in real-time

Trash to Paradise

An excess in trash and a pollution problem exists.

Solution: create a system to recycle wastewater using trash.

Air Charter

Limited direct flights within Africa results in 12 hour wait times.

Solution: on-demand private jets for where direct flights don’t exist.


Real estate brokers need to show the importance of each site location.

Solution: a visualization tool that geographically maps out comparables.



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