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Hone Your Investor Pitch with Ideator Resources

Are you struggling with the #1 challenge of most startup entrepreneurs?

Yes, we’re talking about raising money to fund your idea and turn it into a viable business. If this rings a bell for you, you’ll be glad to know that Ideator has plenty of resources to help you get started, like the best practices on how to write a business plan or tips on the best ways to pitch potential investors. Altogether, we offer more than 140 different resources on a variety of topics to help kickstart your business idea into high gear. 

Which brings us to noted pitch guru Guy Kawasaki. Guy currently works as the chief evangelist for Canva, an online graphic design tool from Australia. But most people know him as the author of 13 books, including The Art of Social Media and The Art of the Start 2.0. He’s also a renowned speaker for industry titans such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Audi, and more.

Few people know how to connect and engage with an audience like Kawasaki. Fewer still know more about how to get people passionately involved with an idea or business.

Make The Perfect Pitch

As you can tell, we’re big fans of Kawasaki. That’s why we’ve included links to several of his blogs in our Resources area.

One of these blogs, “The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch,” addresses a common, and often fatal, mistake made by novice venture capital seekers – creating overly long and confusing PowerPoint presentations.

According to Kawasaki, when making a pitch, your PowerPoint presentation should contain no more than 10 slides. It should also last no more than 20 minutes. And it should never use a font size smaller than 30 points.

Why, you ask? Because human beings can only absorb so much information in any given meeting. Long PowerPoint presentations that go on and on will exceed the capacity of potential investors to absorb the information and will suck all the energy out of the room.

To read the rest of Kawasaki’s blog, log in and click here.

Write an Enchanting Business Plan

Kawasaki understands that potential investors don’t just look at the numbers. They want something that excites them. They want to invest in companies they can feel passionate about. Hence, the need to write an enchanting business plan that captures the emotions as well as the wallet.

Want a template for making sure your business plan addresses both the numbers and your potential investors’ emotional sides? You can find his on the Ideator resources page as well.

When it comes to engaging potential investors, Kawasaki knows his stuff. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the resources we’ve collected for you. Looking for something we haven’t mentioned? Log in and ask us!

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