How to be a Fun and Different Business in 2015

How to be a Fun and Different Business in 2015

How to be a Fun and Different Business in 2015

Let’s face it: it’s been hard. Building a business is never easy. Weathering a stagnating economy hasn’t been a picnic either. There’s been a whole lot of work to do for a long time, and you can be forgiven for feeling that maybe you’ve let things stagnate a little. It could be you haven’t been paying enough attention to the fun stuff – the little things that add up to make the difference between a bad business and a good business.

You can be different in 2015. This can be your time to revitalize the business you’ve worked so hard to sustain: to change it into something closer to what you had in mind when you got started. Take the time to let the fun back in, and be a truly different business than you were before.

1. Find some breathing room

There’s so much to do when you’re running a business that you sometimes forget to let a little air in. Believe it or not, doing nothing is pretty darn useful and effective. It calms you down, it calms everyone else down, and it encourages a free flow of ideas. You find out more about your company when you listen for it – and you can only do that by stopping what you’re doing for a while. So loosen up, and find some time to let your hair down once in a while. It doesn’t matter how you do it: spend more time in the break room, have a happy hour, car pool. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that makes you – and your co-workers – feel more comfortable.

2. Think boldly

It can be tempting in business to hold on to what you have and stay there. There’s a comfort to doing things as you always have, but the cost of that kind of inertia is one you can’t afford. Businesses are like living things, and they need to keep changing. Stagnation, sooner or later, means failure. So rethink things in 2015. Is there something that seems too difficult, too pie-in-the-sky for your old way of thinking? This year, take it seriously. Take in all the ideas you’ve been leaving outside your door and try to find them a home. Even if you go down some blind alleys while you’re looking, you’d be surprised how much following the path to the next big thing keeps you focused on what’s important.

3. Give a little

What have you been a little tight-fisted with before? Your time, your attention? Your willingness to delegate? Shake things up this year. Stop being so cautious. Give a little more than you gave before. Is there a promotion you haven’t been willing to give yet, an opportunity you keep saving for later? Go for it now. Let someone help, or help yourself. A little generosity in your heart will go a long way towards making things feel a lot different this year – and a whole lot more fun. Why not try Ideator? This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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