Secure domain name

How to Secure the Domain Name You Want

With people as internet-literate as they are these days, even the subtlest signs in your web presence can deeply influence how people see you and your organization. And no sign is less subtle than your domain name. It’s the first thing people see, the most prominent words on your advertisements, the marker of who you are in the digital sphere. Finding one that truly represents you couldn’t be more important.

Yet you’ve probably found out by now that it can be difficult to pin one down. Both creatively and logistically, the perfect domain name is hard to find. Fortunately, with a little help and a lot of consideration, you can get it done just right.

Find a provider

You can secure any domain name that isn’t currently in use for a reasonable fee from GoDaddy, which also offers hosting services. Simply pay a small monthly fee – starting at $1 a month – and lock down a name that works for you.

Choose the name carefully

To make sure your domain isn’t currently in use, try something as specific to you as possible. Err on the side of a longer name, since very short ones are routinely unavailable. (You won’t be able to get

Consider buying out the current owner

Many domain names are owned but not in use. In internet lingo, this is called ‘squatting’, and it’s a relatively popular practice. A substantial portion of domain names have been acquired by squatters who buy them in bulk and attempt to resell the most coveted ones at an inflated price. Depending on how valuable they believe a name to be, they can sometimes end up charging a lot of money to acquire it. That said, domain names are valuable – and having the one you’re looking for might be worth the buy-out.

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