Admit Hero

Admit Hero

It’s amazing what a little targeted research can do.

When looking to develop a new app for high school students, Ideator Faique Moqeet originally thought his target audience might value an organizational tool to help track their academic and extracurricular achievements. But after a 5-week pilot program, he discovered they preferred to have access to content from people who had achieved ambitious goals, and a place to find opportunities relevant to their interests. Based on this feedback, Admit Hero was born.

Admit Hero is an app that provides high school students with a feed of curated content and opportunities, highlighting students who have successfully started organizations, won prestigious scholarships, and achieved national recognition. Opportunities listed on the app include scholarships, summer programs, traveling opportunities, hackathons, internships, board memberships, and more.

“Our goal is to inspire students to do amazing things and show them how to take advantage of opportunities they might not even know about,” said Moqeet, who joined Ideator in 2015.

What’s the Problem?

Admit Hero addresses three related problems. Many high-school students need more inspiration and guidance on how to develop their interests, both in and out of school. Thousands of college scholarships go unclaimed every year, and hundreds of opportunities get overlooked. Also, most high-school students don’t know about all the non-college options and technical options available to them.

What’s the Big Idea?

Admit Hero addresses these problems by:

Helping students learn about the different passions and interests they can get involved with.

Providing curated content for relevant opportunities so that students don’t have to rely on spammy search engines and indexes.

Connecting students with a wide variety of schooling and career options that match their interests and needs.

“Admit Hero profiles students who have done extraordinary things, along with guides on how to achieve ambitious goals,” said Moqeet. “We provide personal development to a young demographic while helping students learn about different career paths and how to pursue them.”

Where Is It Headed?

Moqeet sees Admit Hero as a LinkedIn for high school students, and wants it to become the #1 online destination for American high schoolers. Achieving this goal will require the ability to deliver content that students find authentic, relatable, and inspiring in a scalable fashion, as well as creating a community students want to be part of.

Moqeet plans to achieve this by methodizing Admit Hero’s processes so that writers can join the team and get started in just a few days. He also plans to use Ideator to showcase his new platform while it’s still in the early stages. That way, the Admit Hero team can get feedback on the app while it’s still in development. Moqeet also enjoys browsing ideas posted on Ideator and commenting on other startups.

Admit Hero expects to launch by the end of Q1 2016. To learn more about the app, or to get involved, log on to Ideator, visit the profile page, and click the “Request Access” button. It’s quick, it’s easy, and your feedback just might make a difference.

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