DynaTrail Dispatch Systems

DynaTrail Dispatch Systems

As a 15-year veteran of the transportation industry, mostly with small trucking companies, Ideator Aaron Theriault  felt the time had come for a change. Tired of being stuck with lousy dispatching software options or expensive systems designed for very large trucking companies, he figured there had to be a better way.

“Over the years, I have used or demoed almost all the available solutions,” said Theriault, “and couldn’t find one that met the needs of small transportation companies. They either had too many features we didn’t need, or the software didn’t take into account how small businesses are run. I thought if I can’t find the right solution, I might as well build it myself.”

Ten months later, DynaTrail Dispatch Systems, an online software system designed for small to medium sized long-haul trucking companies, is in private beta mode. With two transport companies helping to work out the final details, Theriault plans to launch in May.

What’s the Problem?

Many small trucking companies still track their shipments using pen and paper, spreadsheets, or Google Docs. Those that use computerized dispatching are forced to choose between mediocre software solutions or high-priced systems designed for much larger companies. As a result, truck loads can get lost, misplaced or even forgotten about, causing thousands of dollars in property loss.

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What’s the Big Idea?

DynaTrail Dispatch focuses on the unique dispatching needs of small to medium size trucking companies, allowing for quick and easy order entry, dispatching and billing of clients. By providing a more efficient way to handle these essential tasks, the software helps customers improve staff productivity, prevent lost or misplaced shipments, and expand their trucking capabilities without having to add additional office staff.

Where is it Headed?

Theriault hopes to disrupt the market by using his knowledge of small transport companies to offer what they really need rather than what software developers think they need. Using the latest in development platforms, software and apps, he plans to become the market leader by offer new dispatching technology that offers a familiar look and feel but doesn’t depend on outdated code written two decades ago.

For Theriault, the biggest challenge has come from developing the product outside of regular business hours. This is followed closely by trying to keep production moving forward at an acceptable pace while balancing his work and family life – a common problem for many startup entrepreneurs.

“You don’t hear much about this topic because it’s not the ‘sexy’ side of software development or starting a business,” said Theriault. “Nevertheless, maintaining that balance has been a main priority for me through the development and upcoming launch of DynaTrail Dispatch.”

On the business side, Ideator has helped DynaTrail move forward by providing a sounding board to collect information on how to best showcase the product to other entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Theriault is currently seeking a sales development specialist to join his team and lead the opening launch. Interested readers can reach out through his idea.

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