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Empowering Sales Force Productivity

Managing sales activities while improving sales performance can be a complex and time-consuming activity. Thanks to Salesbuddy Pro, a sales presentation tablet app that syncs with a company’s Salesforce data, this important process just got a lot easier – and more effective.

Developed by Ideator Rob Wolf’s company, Launch DM, SalesBuddy Pro is a sales presentation tablet app that makes any salesperson, sales team or business more efficient, consistent and accountable. The app helps companies deliver compelling and brand-consistent sales presentations while in the field. And while the sales team is closing deals faster, sales managers can monitor sales activity and results via Salesforce to make qualified decisions that lead to more sales and higher profits.

What’s the Problem?

Companies work hard to create and deliver consistent brand messages. Yet, these messages can easily get diluted during sales presentations, as different sales people use different sales materials. At the same time, companies are always looking for more accurate and efficient ways to manage sales force activity. SalesBuddy Pro solves both problems. It gives salespeople the tools they need to make sales presentations with consistent, accurate content, and it gives managers the ability to easily track performance and accountability.

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What’s the Big Idea?

To organize, design and present consistent, branded sales presentations, companies organize their sales materials in Salesforce Content and then design their brand interface using the app’s templates or their own custom design. Companies then sync their data with the app and deploy it to their sales team, who can open the app on their mobile device and sell with a consistent message each and every time.

Where Is It Headed?

SalesBuddy Pro seeks to become the premiere presentation company that empowers every company’s sales process. Wolf plans to achieve this goal by implementing a platform-approach that will allow specialty plug-ins, such as quoting and tagging functionalities, so users can customize their presentations according to specific needs.

Since joining in 2015, Wolf leverages Ideator on a regular basis to help define and achieve the company’s goals, tap into Ideator’s expert Advisory Board, and use the tools and resources to help SalesBuddy Pro grow. In particular, Ideator has helped Wolf and his team finalize product development roadmaps and legal documents, and assisted with mentoring help on key strategic decisions.

“We also hope to use the Ideator Advisory Board to connect us to key players looking to invest in our product,” said Wolf. “In the meantime, we’re working on product updates and new feature releases to help our customers’ sales organizations be more successful in 2016.”

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