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Jackson Toon ADS

We live in a media-saturated world, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising messages. Every day, we get bombarded with an endless stream of marketing messages urging us to visit this website or buy that product or service. But how often do those messages really reach their intended target? And how effective are they in connecting the advertiser with the target audience?

That’s what Ardis Jackson, founder and CEO of the Ardis Jackson Company, pondered as he sought to come up with different ways to put his company’s creative art works to commercial use. His brainstorming resulted in Jackson Toon Ads, a project that provides creative art works to help advertisers increase the effectiveness of their ads through the use of cartoon characters.

“We saw room for innovation in the digital advertising market that could potentially solve the problem of increasing consumer engagement with ads” Jackson said.

What’s the Problem?

Most ads don’t do a good job of connecting with the target audience or having a positive effect on consumer buying behaviors. This occurs in large part because the ads focus more on the business or product than on the interests or needs of the consumer. As a result, people who view the ads feel no connection to the message or the advertiser’s business, which leads to wasted advertising dollars for the business.

What’s the Big Idea?

Studies have shown that people tend to pay more attention to commercials that stand out from the norm. Jackson hopes that advertisers will use his company’s cartoon characters to create more interesting ads that capture the attention of consumers. Jackson Toon Ads are easy to plug and play, and the characters are designed to enrich ads in a way that creates positive feelings in viewers while building more connections between advertisers and potential customers.

Where Is It Headed?

For now, Jackson is focusing on diversifying the business to generate multiple revenue streams and expand the company’s character intellectual property to bring more value to advertisers. He’s also looking to build his team with people who have the creative, technical, and business management skills to help grow the company. So far, getting the idea out to the public has presented the biggest challenge. Jackson seeks to overcome it by networking more and advertising his business through different resources.

“Ideator has been very helpful in terms of providing feedback and networking with others who can provide the resources we need,” said Jackson.

Learn more about Jackson Toon Ads by visiting their public profile on Ideator.com.


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