Ideator Profile—Learning Threads

Learning Threads

Ideator Profile—Learning Threads

Learning new concepts is challenging and time-consuming, causing people to stray from their creativity because they simply don’t have resources to support their learning journey. Trevor Gile experienced this struggle firsthand as a young entrepreneur, leading him to develop Learning Threads. Learning Threads is a platform to help creative individuals embrace their passion by providing informational outlets and removing educational barriers.

“There were many resources available, but I didn’t necessarily know where or how to proceed. There were also many experienced and brilliant people that I worked with who likely went through the same process that I was struggling with,” said Gile. “The challenge, and it is not a new one, lies in how to take their experience and capture their learning process to help people following in their footsteps. We’re building Learning Threads to directly address the challenge.”

Learning Threads creates tailored learning experiences to unlock creative potential. The site guides and encourages people through organized creative ideas while providing new paths to explore.

What’s the Problem?

While there is ample content on the internet to help people learn new information, it’s not very organized to promote the learning experience. Plus, it’s difficult to find the exact information needed to take the next appropriate step. Learning Threads organizes this information and builds recommendations to make the learning experience easier.

While finding a team to build the idea, Gile joined many entrepreneurship groups and strengthened his education to better serve Learning Thread’s core mission.

“The team is starting to gel and we are building on that momentum to move development forward and gain more traction in the community,” said Gile.

What’s the Big Idea?

As far back as 2007, Gile recognized a need for a platform for people to share their individual learning experiences to help others. Through his mission to transform how people learn, barriers and biases are removed to develop new ideas and learn innovative training to improve the facets of learning and education to foster individual growth.

“Imagine a world where there is not simply unlimited data at your fingertips, but also the ability to find optimal learning paths through that data,” said Gile. “Or a world where you have insight into the connections that creative people make across domains so that you can also become better at making those connections.”

Where Is It Headed?

Through personalized learning guidance and identifying innovative ideas, people have a direct path to follow for their individual creativity. As more people join the community to share learning experiences, the site’s information and resources expand.

“We will be launching our closed-beta test platform,” said Gile. “We’re interested in finding test users that would like to use the Learning Threads platform to help organize their personal learning experiences or to help build learning threads for others to learn from.”

Supported by the experiences of others, Learning Threads relies on people joining and learning from the threads on the platform. “We have a lot of work to do to make that happen, but it’s a vision that drives us,” said Gile.

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