In today’s rapidly changing business world, more companies are recognizing the need to provide coaching and mentoring for employees, especially at the management level. At the same time, they’re looking for more efficient ways to manage the talent development process throughout the organization.

Ideator Dege Nsoki has developed a solution for both needs. His new business,  MentorMapp, offers a safe, affordable way to match coaches with people and companies seeking coaching in the areas of leadership, management, and well-being. Using MentorMapp, people and organizations can efficiently access, engage, connect, and collaborate with a community of coaches with specialized expertise.

“While facilitating workshops on strategic change, I noticed companies were seeking more efficient digital solutions for their executive development processes,” said Dege. “I had a vision to offer a more personalized yet scalable way for organizations to recruit, select and assign coaching and mentoring professionals to their employees.”

What’s the Problem?

For most organizations, finding coaches isn’t hard; it’s finding the right one(s) for their specific personnel development needs. With so many different types of coaches and not enough market differentiation, it can be difficult for companies to accurately assess what coaches do, how they do it, and whether they’re a good fit for the organization. At the same time, professional coaches often struggle to find clients who are a good fit with their coaching services.

What’s the Big Idea?

MentorMapp helps both markets by providing an online community for matching coaches with the people and organizations seeking them. The platform helps coaches connect with potential clients while providing resources to enhance their professional development. It also provides a streamlined solution for organizations to find and engage with the type of coaches they need.

Where is it Headed?

Dege has scheduled MentorMapp’s official launch for January 2016. His current vision is an ambitious one, with plans to reach 100 geographical locations, create 10,000 mentoring hours per year, and change 1,000,000 lives while empowering a billion mentees.

Like most entrepreneurs, Dege has learned that the transition from idea to execution has its share of ups and downs. He relies on two fundamental principles to keep him going during the difficult times – he believes that by keeping a “pay it forward” attitude (by creating something of value for others) the rewards will eventually follow, and that ongoing communication helps keep everyone focused on what needs to be done through the development and launch phases.

“Most important,” said Dege, “never underestimate the power of your vision. “My vision helped me attract the right people who have been, and still are, instrumental in transforming this idea into an innovative solution that people will value in the marketplace.”

To learn more, visit or connect with Dege on Ideator

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