Ideator Profile: Mommy Dearest Delivers

Mommy Dearest Delivers

Ideator Profile: Mommy Dearest Delivers

After moving to New York, Meredith Kaloogian, a San Diego native, didn’t have Mommy around to help her anymore. In fact, she was Mommy now, and the buck stopped with her. So when she got sick one day and couldn’t make it out the door, she found herself flummoxed. Who was going to bring her the NyQuil, the chicken soup, and the ginger ale now? Fortunately for her new business Mommy Dearest Delivers and their customers, it’s exactly at those kinds of tricky moments that inspiration strikes.

What’s the Problem?

Millions of Americans can find themselves completely at sea when they get sick. There’s not always someone around to help you feel better when you need it the most. As we all know, when you’re stuck in bed with a fever and a pounding headache, you shouldn’t have to go without those little things that do so much to ease a bad day. Someone should be there to help you: get you the medicine, the fluids, and the comfort food that can make all the difference. Everyone deserves a little TLC from mom when they’re sick.

What’s the Big Idea?

Living in a city where you can get a cab on every street corner and a pizza on the roof at 3 am, Kaloogian figured a little cold medicine should be a cinch – but there was no such thing, despite all the people who were so often in a position just like hers. “I couldn’t believe that there was no on-demand sick day delivery service, especially since delivery is so big in NYC,” Kaloogian recalls. Later, she called a friend to pitch the idea of a new kind of company, one that would cater to sick day sufferers all over the country. That friend, Abby Pendergast, would become her co-founder; and the business they would build together would be called Mommy Dearest Delivers.

Launching in August to meet back-to-school demand, Mommy Dearest Delivers is pitching itself as the Uber of sick days. When your back’s against the wall because of an inconvenient sick day (and when are sick days ever convenient?), Mommy Dearest Delivers is just a few clicks away to help you through it. They want to be the support system so many people don’t have; a concerned and compassionate service that’s there when you need it most.

Where Is It Headed?

The potential for expansion is obvious; people get sick everywhere. Although Mommy Dearest Delivers is dedicated to “strategically expanding to cities so that we can help those in need,” in Pendergast’s words, the company remains focused on delivering first-rate service. “Quality is the most important thing to us,” emphasizes Kaloogian. “Abby and I have been in their shoes. We’ve been sick, alone and in a new place. We know what it feels like, and we are here to say no more!”

To catch Mommy Dearest Delivers’s dynamic founders in action, watch them live on Business Rockstars, Tuesday, August 18 at 11:15 PST. Follow them on Twitter: @MommyD_Delivers

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