For Ideator Christian Enriquez, the notion of starting a business sprouted after reading the book One Simple Idea by Stephen Key. At the time, he had no idea it would lead to a business that would help other entrepreneurs start their own business.

It all began when Christian started applying what he learned to some patent licensing deals he was pursuing at the time. Over time, he developed a broad set of skills and experience related to the startup process. These included: legal, development, modeling/prototyping, video/graphic design, analysis, and reaching out to vendors who could manufacture his products.

Along the way, Christian encountered many entrepreneurs who seemed confused by the complexity of the patent world. Seeing a need and a potential solution, he  created OriginOwls to provide inventors with all the resources needed to develop their ideas and bring them to market.

What’s the Problem?

Bringing an idea or invention to market can be a complex process involving many different companies. Some online firms, like LegalZoom and InventHelp, offer a portion of the tools needed to complete this process. But until now, none have provided all the tools in one central platform.

What’s the Big Idea?

OriginOwls delivers a variety of services, communications, and expert advice to help turn an idea or invention into a profitable product – all from one central location. Their services include: patent search & filing, 3D modeling, prototype design/development, strategic marketing, video/graphic design and more. From design to patent protection to selling an invention, OriginOwls covers all aspects of creating and capitalizing on an idea.

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Where Is It Headed?

Currently, Christian is focusing on growing the company and becoming more involved in the marketplace. Over the long term, he sees OriginOwls having a huge impact on the startup industry, making it easier for inventors to go from idea to successful business. In the months ahead, he plans to roll out some exciting new products that will be available to the public, so keep your eyes open!

Like many entrepreneurs, Christian is constantly working to perfect his use of time management.

“Finding the balance between your business and personal life becomes a bit more challenging when you have to maintain two sets of schedules and priorities,” he said. “I managed to find a balance through trial and error and asking other entrepreneurs what worked best for them. Being resourceful and asking a lot of questions has played a huge role in my success to date.”

Christian credits much of that advice to contacts he made on Ideator, and now hopes to return the favor by providing resources and services the Ideator community needs to create successful ideas.

“Ideator has helped us get in touch with some very inventive people,” he said. “As a result, we’re making progress and gaining more traction within the community every day. We’re blessed to live in a place where we can exercise our imaginations and creativity to solve problems, so we want to encourage everyone on Ideator to get out there and originate!”

To learn more about OriginOwls, access their Ideator profile page.

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