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Revolutionizing Real Estate Broker Tools with CompyCat

For many years, the tools and resources for establishing values of homes in a given area have helped real estate brokers make accurate estimations when assisting their clients. However, there has been a limitation in how this information is processed and displayed to brokers.

Ideator Travis White noticed this when he made a massive career change and moved from a job in Agricultural GIS to Real Estate GIS. A GIS (geographic information system) allows the user to envision, analyze, and understand data in relation to patterns and trends. These systems aid companies of various sizes in virtually every industry to increase awareness and allows them to make more informed decisions.

What’s the Problem?

When Travis White realized that there was a lack of real estate specific mapping software and tools for brokers, CompyCat was on its way to creation. “The software that was already available was not very user-friendly nor was it ideal for a brokerage atmosphere,” said White. “So, over the last four years, I’ve been collecting only the best mapping and data visualization tools and developing all of it into a single and easy-to-use website.”

It has not been an easy task for this industry-revolutionizing Ideator. Without any other tool or website to compare the technology and software against, the procedure of developing CompyCat has been mainly trial-and-error. Due to this, CompyCat’s developers have a vast understanding of how their website works and how to further develop the tool.

What’s the Big Idea?

For a long time, real estate brokers had to rely on the aid of a professional who specialized in GIS mapping in a certain region. The time has come where a real estate broker is only a click away from finding all of the information they need. CompyCat is a broker’s best resource for GIS mapping as it provides real estate brokers a reliable way to geographically map out comparables and other factors.

A broker’s database is entirely private and secure within CompyCat. No longer will brokers need to worry about having to safeguard the information they have been gathering and using to make informed and strategic decisions in their market. The data a broker gathers and utilizes is further enhanced with location knowledge, proprietary POI, and demographic studies.

CompyCat is an incredibly easy-to-use website for real estate brokers as it is a one-stop-shop for all location-based needs.

Where Is It Headed?

White is confident that “CompyCat will become the #1 tool that a broker turns to (after email) in order to visually gather accurate information of an area and use it to analyze data for clients.” Ideator has provided a platform to help White get organized, make connections, and define his next steps to build out CompyCat’s goals in order to be ready to pitch to potential investors.

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