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Women in Latin America have an enormous disadvantage when it comes to educational opportunities to learn about technology. While working in Latin America, David Strausser, Founder of, saw firsthand the large education gap between women and technology.

“I’ve talked to brain surgeons who literally had no idea how to run the expensive $2,500 Mac sitting in front of them,” said Strausser. “That’s when I decided that I would change this by starting TechChicas.”

After observing the clear lack of tech education for women in Latin American, Strausser launched TechChicas to bring women and technology together. Through his vision, he strives to educate women to allow them to embrace technology to benefit from its use in various aspects of life. Officially launched on June 14, 2014, TechChicas has steadily grown as the site continues to deliver a platform for Latinas to learn about technology from fellow Latinas.

What’s the Problem?

Because the Latin American society and government has failed to make tech education widely available, the biggest struggle has been getting women to take an interest in technology. Often, tech sites are written by men, which just aren’t appealing to many women.

“The web is full of dead websites like TechChicas,” said Strausser. “We found a format that we feel works and this was done by finding a format and tech articles that women find appealing.”

TechChicas uses Latina women who love and embrace technology as ambassadors to teach other women. By catering the site specifically to female audiences, women have grabbed hold of the idea with a new heightened level of interest.

What’s the Big Idea?

By creating a site that’s for women, by women, Latinas have a new understanding for technology. Through the TechChicas platform, women are able to come together to connect with other women to learn about the benefits and advancements of technology to promote day-to-day life. As a result, women are able to safely use the internet, find employment opportunities, and simply make their lives easier through the use of technology.

Where Is It Headed?

With a strong foundation of success already in place, TechChicas plans to expand their vision to develop the next stage to positively impact lives. The planned expansion includes educational sessions to teach women virtual skills in various regions, such as Mexico City, Tijuana, and Lima.

“We just brought on a CEO, Claudia Portillo. Our next step is to file as B-Corp, but then after that we have two phases we want to implement,” said Strausser. “The news, services, and blog portions of TechChicas are only a small portion of what we want to do.”

Plans for the future include an area for women to continue their education in technology through in-person training, courses for low-income women, and topic specific courses and tutorials, such as creating resumes and completing job applications.

To support TechChica’s mission, the site is currently looking for volunteer writers to help spread the word to teach women how to embrace technology in today’s world.

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