The winning team of the December Challenge is TrustMesh, who aims to redefine the world of trust in organizations that utilize API and cloud computing. With the extensive and continuous growth of these systems and industries, trust is becoming more important than ever. TrustMesh hopes to improve the customer experience by developing a platform where vendors and customers can build reliable systems around API and trust.

What’s the Problem?

Within the API economy, there is no established system that is both independent and reliable for building trust between the systems (API to API) or users of the systems (e.g., vendor to customer). Trust is an integral part for vendors to attract customers and to encourage them to dive into Cloud technologies.

For an API service or system to be reliable, the customer must be able to monitor it in action. This system has to be able to take responsive action without direct human intervention any time the service becomes unreliable for any reason. When systems aren’t operating nominally, the resulting negative customer experiences will translate directly into a loss of revenue.

API is a vital component to the growth of the Internet of Things (IOT). Establishing trust among companies, customers, and applications is crucial to helping the IOT, cloud industry, and companies grow and build reliable relationships.

What’s the Big Idea?

TrustMesh, founded by Ernest Lessenger and Pankaj Arora, aims to improve the customer experience and API trust relationship between companies and their customers. TrustMesh provides its clients with a platform where vendors can publish vital API-related information (statuses, planned outages, upgrades, maintenance schedules, etc.), where vendors can create workflows (for editing, managing, and approving notifications for their customers via a rich administrator console), and where customers can subscribe to and poll current and historical trust statuses, as well as track future events.

Where Is It Headed?

Ernest Lessenger says that TrustMesh must first develop a proof of concept to help attract investors, beta customers, and channel partners. He hopes to complete the proof of concept in the first quarter of 2016 while forming required relationships for the middle of the year plans.

Pankaj Arora sees TrustMesh as a fully-fledged trust broker service for any and all domains that need to establish trust in their systems or with their customers. The company’s initial plan is to target API players in IOT, an industry that continues to grow at a rapid rate.

The team has utilized Ideator to publish specified elements of their idea in order to generate interest and invite actionable feedback in a secure sandbox environment. This platform allows them to invite and converse with potential investors or advisors in a private and controlled manner that is free of distractions.

Ideator has helped TrustMesh turn an idea into a service needed in our world today. With Ideator on their side, the innovative minds behind TrustMesh have been able to grow their team, develop investor and customer interest in their ideas, and adapt their execution based on helpful feedback from the community.

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