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Currently ranked asĀ the top 3 most liked ideas on Ideator. Unifyed provides the best way to explore what’s happening on and around college and university campuses in real-time. Creator Eric Bunnell developed Unifyed after recognizing a lack of community among students. As a result, Bunnell and his team sought to build a better college network that uses a verification process to connect current students and recent grad students for campus-specific networking opportunities.

“We believe that by creating a network of only current students at a university, we can create an active and engaged student community that allows for resources and information to flow freely between students,” said Bunnell.

Starting September 2015, Unifyed will be in beta at SDSU and USD, where students can discover the entire campus instead of just the information their friends or followers share. With channel tagging, the platform is organized to promote communication to explore more advancement prospects within the college community.

What’s the Problem?

Supported by a team who understands the necessity of being successful in the college market, Unifyed has created a go-to resource for students to find local deals, events, and discounts.

“It’s important when building any product to have a deep understanding and insight into that market, and then impact that knowledge into the company’s future,” said Bunnell. “The problem staying true to the college market is that it’s not always the most productive place to be. We’ve been able to avoid this issue by hiring the right people for the core team.”

Using only current students, Unifyed offers first-hand insights into the events and opportunities that directly pertain to life as a college student on each specific campus.

What’s the Big Idea?

Unifyed has designed an exclusive verification process to ensure the network remains only available to current students. With a unified student body, students connect through one private network with channel tagging to quickly find relevant information tailored to their needs.

“Once there are Unifyed networks on every college campus, high school seniors and college transfers will be able to request limited access to specific campus networks to find out what that college is like from an actual student’s perspective,” said Bunnell.

By tagging posts to one of six campus channels, students can filter between someone posting specific information, such as a textbook for sale or an event.

Where Is It Headed?

Unifyed has partnered with local businesses around campuses to offer exclusive deals and discounts to students. In addition to local restaurants, shops and services, Unifyed is expanding the simplicity of the network to include mobile apps.

“Unifyed was just accepted into the Apple App Store on Tuesday,” said Bunnell. “We officially launch tomorrow at SDSU and USD.”

As Unifyed continues to expand across multiple college and university campuses, it will become an easy and effective means for students to share and discover what’s going on around them for a better college experience.

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