Where Are They Now: Penguin App

In 2015, one of the first ideas Ideator showcased on our blog was the Penguin App, a social networking app that allows people to connect based on their mutual interests rather than just physical appearance. At the time, the app was still in the developmental stage, but we are proud to announce that Ideators Sidao Li, Phillip Duong and Andres Santana have come a long way since then – including submitting their product for acceptance to the Apple App Store.

Although their app hasn’t been officially accepted yet, Li, Duong and Santana have high hopes that day will soon arrive, and have already penned a product description for the store:

“Penguin is a friend-making application that focuses on quality content without the use of photos. This platform is a place where people are introduced to one another on a more personal level, to focus on creating bonds rather than small talk.”

Join the Beta Test

To spread the word about their app, Li, Duong and Santana are launching a nationwide beta test, open to everyone in the U.S. This beta version won’t contain all the functionalities of the app; instead, it will be a minimum viable product version that contains everything except the “reveal option,” which allows matched users to mutually reveal themselves to each other, and “discovery preferences” such as distance, gender, and age ranges. To participate in the test, visit www.thepenguinapp.com.

Make New Friends with Penguin

A fun way to anonymously connect with others by sharing mutual interests, Penguin is free to download and easy to use. Penguin works by recommending compelling posts around you. If you like a post, tap twice. If not, swipe down to pass on the recommendation. Either way, your choice is anonymous. If you like somebody’s post and they like yours back, Penguin automatically notifies you of the match, and allows you to chat with your new friend.

To improve your chances of getting good matches, Duong recommends creative posts that give people a sense of who you are and what you’re like. “Post about some of the odd things that you do,” he suggests, “or the experiences you’ve been through that make you special. ”

Friendships That Are More Than Skin Deep

In their marketing, the developers emphasize the point that Penguin is about making real friendships that go beyond physical attraction.

“We like to take a friendly jab at Tinder by saying that Penguin is a Tinder without pictures,” explains Santana. “We designed it for making friends instead of friends with benefits. One of our campaign posters at the University of California, San Diego, even says ‘Make friends, not friends with benefits.’

“We want Penguin to be a fun app where you can anonymously connect with others by sharing your thoughts, opinions, and confessions. What makes it different is our users get introduced to each other on a more personal level so they can focus on creating bonds rather than small talk.” –Sidao Li

Ideator is proud to have contributed to Penguin’s current success so far, and we’ll continue to be there when needed as the product grows.

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