People all over the world make wishes every day hoping that they will come true. Even during the biggest holidays of the year, so many wishes (in this case, gifts) go unfulfilled by even the most well-intentioned friends and family. Every year, unwanted gifts worth hundreds of millions of dollars find their way onto eBay and returned to retailers.

Imagine what it would be like if gift givers knew exactly what to give and could find the best ways to locate those wanted gifts. Ideator Maz Cohen founded Wisher, and aims to make wishes come true all over the world by making it easy for friends and family to contribute to someone’s wish, no matter how large it may be.

Placing second in the December Challenge, Wisher is on track for changing the way we give and receive gifts all year long.

What’s the Problem?

During the holidays, gift-givers often struggle with finding the perfect gift for friends and family. These recipients may simply not want a lot of materialistic gifts and would rather enjoy life experiences. Others simply don’t have a good way to let their friends and family know what they want.

Cohen had the same problem when friends and family would come to her wanting to know what she wanted for the holidays. When she realized that she preferred experiences over physical gifts, she noticed that there was no platform available to put her list of wishes up for curious friends and family members to see.

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What’s the Big Idea?

Wisher strives to be the leading platform for gift-giving where getting and giving gifts builds deeper connections than ever before. Users can list exactly what they want to have or experience (a vacation, an outing to a restaurant, tickets to a game, exercise or training courses—the list goes on and on!). Instead of having to ask multiple times what someone wants or reference multiple wish lists, Wisher helps gift-givers know exactly what people want and can reference it all in one place.

While the free mobile app may seem ideal for birthdays or holidays, users can spend all year accumulating gift ideas that they really want, rather than trying to figure something out at the last minute. If the user see something in a store that they like, they can take a picture and upload it onto their wish list on Wisher immediately. The app is also capable of saving items from online searches.

Where Is It Headed?

Wisher is scaling to become the number one platform for gift-giving (and getting) across the world. Wisher will connect not only the gift-givers to the recipients, but it will also connect brands and organizations to make it easier for givers to give.

Although Wisher has just started, it has been growing very quickly and aims to make over a billion wishes happen by the year 2020 by connecting people, brands, and organizations that love to give back to others and their community. It has already become a powerful platform for giving all over the world. One example of the impact Wisher is having can be seen in the wish granted to a young girl in South Africa. Her wish was to receive a kidney biopsy, and those utilizing the Wisher platform helped to fund her important medical operation.

In a world of giving, Wisher will become the number one channel for people, brands, and organizations to contribute and impact others’ lives in the best way possible.

Since placing second in the December Challenge, the community at Ideator has given plenty of positive feedback to improve Wisher’s vision and grow it into something even bigger. Wisher has been able to find support, critique, and business contributions through Ideator that have enabled it to step closer to its goal of making a billion wishes come true. And just like Wisher, you can find support through Ideator for your idea. Sign up today and discover what it takes to make your idea a reality – you’ll be one step closer to making your own wish come true.



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