Do you ever get the sense that news publications and online magazines are geared more towards old-school business tactics and stories, outdated for today’s world? You’re not alone.

Brian D. Evans, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur, #7 ranked marketing influencer in the world on Forbes, startup advisor, growth hacker, branding strategist and Founder/CEO, felt the same way. That’s why Brian founded Influencive, to have successful modern entrepreneurs sharing stories, how-to’s, marketing hacks, business tips, investing insight, and tons of real world content happening in the business world today.

Clinton Senkow, co-founder and COO of Influencive, joined Brian early on in his quest to provide:

Unconventional Wisdom From The Minds Of Influential Minds.

We caught up with Clinton to hear the story of building Influencive into the go-to platform for current and aspiring entrepreneurs (or business owners) it is today, with a reach of millions around the world.

What’s been the hardest challenge you’ve faced & how have you overcome it?
We’ve definitely had obstacles to overcome, but no exact one has stood out thus far. Brian and I are both experienced in the startup and entrepreneurial world and know that challenges will happen and its part of the process. By combining our experience and knowledge, we are confident problem solvers to overcome whatever it is.

With saying that, it’s always a struggle in business to know the best ways to be more productive and use your time wisely. At times we can get bogged down with things being flown at us from every direction so we have to constantly remind ourselves to focus on the important stuff and ignore the rest of the noise. This is something I’m still trying to get better at and it will always be a work in progress.

Where do you see your company in the future?
We see Influencive as being a platform that people all over the world come to know and appreciate. It’s a platform that lets its writers share their story and experience, provide knowledge in several unconventional ways, and act as a catalyst to fuel the inner entrepreneur in whoever is reading, or engaging with our content. I feel entrepreneurship today is more of a mindset than a career choice.

Partnership opportunities welcome!

Right now we are continuing to expand the brand further and are always looking to find additional partners that align with Influencive and its values. We also just released a contest last week that is free to enter where we are actually going to fly one lucky winner to LA to meet some of the biggest online and business influencers on the planet over 3 days. The experience will be curated towards the individual that wins so this is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Visit to sign up, join their team on Ideator and if you have any additional questions please feel free to follow Clinton on Twitter or Instagram: @clintonsenkow.

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