Ideators Charles Wong, Henry Elkus, and Lemuel Lowe love to shop for stylish clothes. However, as avid mobile shoppers, they found most mobile applications to be cluttered, poorly designed, and difficult to use. Worse, their online shopping experiences left them feeling like one of the masses rather than unique customers with their own needs.

Believing that mobile clothes shopping should offer a more personalized and intimate experience, they set about creating an application of their own. The result was Kino, a mobile shopping app with the goal of transforming the way people shop for clothes online.

“Most mobile clothes shopping apps were a pain in the neck to use,” said Wong.

“We created Kino as a mobile platform that allows users to explore fashion products and brands in a more personal, intimate, and fun way.”

What’s the Problem?

Most online clothing retailers design their desktop websites to give users a feeling of abundance by displaying a large selection of styles and fashions on every page. However, these designs do not work well with smaller mobile screens and touch-based interaction, leaving shoppers overwhelmed with a multitude of impersonal choices and underwhelmed with the shopping experience.

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What’s the Big Idea?

Kino leverages the strengths of mobile devices to create a unique, seamless, and personal shopping experience. It adapts to the smaller screen sizes by presenting one item at a time and focusing on one item per page, allowing users to swipe left or right depending on whether or not they like the product. As they swipe, an algorithm learns about their preferences so Kino can present products that match their fashion tastes, while occasionally offering new items to create a fun sense of discovery. Incorporating tactile feedback into the decision-making process also helps create a more intimate and personalized experience.

Where Is It Headed?

Wong and Elkus hope Kino will become the #1 mobile clothes shopping app. In addition to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use interface, they also plan to harness the data collected through the site to deliver personalized results for each user, making Kino the obvious solution to online clothes shopping problems.

The biggest hurdle so far has involved the time and effort to get major retailers on board with the value proposition. To facilitate this process, Wong and Elkus created a simple pitch deck to illustrate the benefits of becoming a partner, and also developed a “Shopify” app to streamline the onboard process for retailers.

Both founders give two thumbs up to Ideator for the resources available on the platform and the feedback received from other Ideators during the development process.

“Ideator provides a great community of entrepreneurs and ‘do-ers’ to network with,” said Elkus. “It’s a big help for a company at our size and stage.”

Currently, Kino is looking for fashion curators to make sure their collections stay up to date and contain a wide variety of high-quality clothes. If you have an interest, log on and connect with them via Ideator, visit their website at, or download their iOS app at

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