Maker Faire

Inventors and Ideators Gather for Maker Faire San Diego!

The Greatest Show (&Tell) on Earth, Maker Faire is part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new! A showcase of invention and creativity and a celebration of the Maker movement. This year’s Maker Faire brings together some of the most inventive minds in San Diego in Balboa Park on October 3-4 for two days of show and tell. Participants include everyone from tech enthusiasts, crafters and educators to tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, do-it-yourself lovers and more.

Ideator Will be There

These activities will be held at Balboa Park’s Hall of Champions, as part of MAKER: Innovate, and will inspire new generations of San Diego and Cali-Baja region innovators in the areas of science, engineering, technology, arts and math. As a lover of new ideas, Ideator couldn’t resist joining in!

To support the event, Ideator is hosting a booth and volunteering our technology platform for the idea competition- submit your idea through Ideator here! And be sure to stop by the booth to meet the Ideator team, including co-founder Jeremy Sanders, Vice President Thomas Schutz and Community Manager Jessica Buerger.

What can you expect at the Maker Faire?

When San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and City Councilman Todd Gloria formally announced the event, they came riding up to the press conference in a 12-foot giant walking pod. So don’t be surprised to see air rockets, inflatable robots, giant cupcake cars and other mind-bending technical and artistic creations.

Supporting Good Ideas Everywhere

Why does Ideator support Maker Faire?

Because these kinds of events serve as fertile ground for new business ideas, and we want to be present everywhere someone thinks, “I have an idea!” Equally important, “I have an idea” is usually followed by “What do I do next?” and “Where do I turn?” We support these events to let budding entrepreneurs know that a platform exists to help answer those million-dollar questions.

Events like Maker Faire also provide an opportunity to show how the Ideator platform can help inventors connect with the people and resources they need to advance their ideas. Also to demonstrate that it is run by experienced entrepreneurs who have jumped through all the hoops and are passionate about helping others bring their ideas to the next step.

Click here to get your Maker Faire tickets in advance.

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