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Newport Flips


Newport Flips

The world has long had reversible belts, ties, jackets, and more. So why not reversible sunglasses?

That’s the question Ideator Eric Casavant asked himself five years ago as a college student. The idea lurked in the back of his mind for several years. Finally, after studying engineering, and learning some computer-aided design (CAD) skills and new techniques for cheap 3D printing, he realized he had the necessary skills to forge ahead with this idea.

Welcome to Newport Flips, the world’s first reversible sunglasses, and the only ones designed to be worn two different ways depending on how you feel. One side looks like classic, high quality, every day sunglasses, but flip the arms around and you get zesty pineapple patterns, cosmic galaxy prints, and groovy jungle designs for a wilder, uninhibited look. Either side can be worn, just flip them when you want to turn it up a notch!

What’s the Problem?
In this case, Casavant saw more of an opportunity than a problem. Many people like wear glasses casually, and in every day attire. Other times people want to get expressive and show off a wilder side. Previously, people who wanted to sport jazzier sunglasses had to own two different pairs, which can get pricey. And who want to carry around two pairs of sunglasses. With Newport Flips, they can now get conservative and wild in one reversible pair.

What’s the Big Idea?
Newport Flips are the only sunglasses that are perfect for any occasion. Having a casual day or relaxing with friends? Maybe wear the casual side. Going to a rager or hitting up a festival? Time to rock the wild side. Or, just wear whichever side you want! For the first time the choice is yours with newport flips.

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Where Is It Headed?
For now, Casavant is targeting Southern California as his primary market, in part because it’s one of the few places where people wear sunglasses year-round. Californians also tend to go for off-the-beaten-path products, and Casavant wants his brand to become the go-to sunglasses for the wildest patterns and designs.

“Our niche is simple,” he explained. “We make sunglasses for people who want eye-catching, wild designs without having to carry around a separate pair of sunglasses.”

The toughest part for Casavant came from engineering a good fit for the reversible glasses. Most sunglasses grip by wrapping the arms around the head and squeezing inward. Reversible glasses require flat arms, so Casavant had to engineer new arms that bend around the ear. It took several months and many iterations with a 3D printer, but he has perfected the fit for his reversible sunglasses. He claims that they are even more comfortable then regular sunglasses, because they don’t have to pinch your head to get great grip.

Casavant only recently joined Ideator, but loves being part of the community.

“Growing a business from scratch uncovered a lot of gaps in my knowledge and skills,” he said. “I also discovered that as a single founder just starting out, it’s hard to know where to find reliable information to bridge those gaps. As I move forward with my business, I’m hoping to find collaborators, advisors, and advice from the Ideator community.”

Anyone who shares Casavant’s vision of wild sunglasses and has an interest in advising, collaborating, or partnering is invited to visit the company’s website at or reach out to him on Ideator.

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