Next Gen Summit

Next Gen Summit

Next Gen Summit in New York

The Ideator team was out in New York City last weekend for the Next Gen Summit. The conference surpassed all expectations. And our expectations were pretty darn high. From our online snooping of one of the founders of the conference, and community, we saw that they had been in multiple high-profile publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc., to name a few.

But how could millennials really be all that accomplished? What can other generations learn from millennials who are so young?

Well, knowledge really boils down to experiences. And the cumulative experiences that had been had by those millennials on the 18th floor overlooking the Manhattan skyline was nothing but impressive:

1. Building smarter firearms through biometrics to solve real problems like mass shootings
2. Medical device invented to reduce the number of surgeries required of scoliosis patients
3. YC-backed diversity recruiting platform founders who had raised a $3.25M Seed Round from Magic Johnson, Andreessen Horowitz, and more
4. Forbes 30U30
5. Inc. 35U35
6. Shark-Tank contestant
7. Youngest elected officials alive
8. Serial entrepreneur who enjoyed his first seven figure exit at 22 years old
9. Entrepreneurs who have presented to President Obama
10. And more

As the largest generation in the workforce, soon to be if not already the largest buying group (in terms of dollar value of buying power), who graduated into the Great Recession and don’t believe Social Security will be there for them, millennials are motivated by passion over money and, not content with the status quo, are redefining the way they work. They are creating the opportunities they want for themselves. They’re the ultimate hustlers.

It’s time to take them seriously. When asked how do you balance school and socializing, Inventor Andini Makosinski replied “I socialized enough in grade 12”. It wasn’t a joke. Ann and all the other speakers are 100% business, 100% of the time. And did I mention Ann is 18 years of age?

If you’re marketing to them, you can’t just listen to them anymore, it’s high time you open yourself to be consulted by them. And immerse yourself in their circles. And one way is by attending conferences like the Next Gen Summit.

The best way to explain who they are and what they represent is that Justin and Dylan, the founders of the summit, are the next gen of Derek Anderson, CEO of Startup Grind. They’re highly intelligent, personable, and collaborative. As extremely accessible professionals, they want to help you. Only difference is they’re both under the age of 21 years. They’re about making friends, learning and sharing their knowledge. They’re ideators.

The best synopsis of the conference and the community that Next Gen is creating is summed up by their tweet: “We’re not a patient generation. We’re all about growth. #NGS2016”.

We at Ideator are very happy to partner with Next Gen Summit for 2016 and beyond. I’ll leave you with co-founder of Next Gen Summit, Justin Lafazan, on TEDx for a feel of what the Next Gen team and “A @Forbes-rated MUST-ATTEND conferences for 2016” is all about:

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