QHSE for Salesforce

QHSE for Salesforce

QHSE for Salesforce

Enterprise Health and Safety software is forecasted to be a $5 Billion market by 2019. The QHSE for Salesforce App is the first to market on the Salesforce AppExchange and fills the gap in the Salesforce ecosystem for a native force.com App that works seamlessly with Salesforce.com.

Three key industry trends are driving the growth of Enterprise Health and Safety software:

1. Mobility of the workforce as nearly 70% of contractors use a smartphone on-site during the workday.

2. Companies are coming to the realization that they are overspending on infrastructure and under spending on better digital output mechanisms.

3. Regulatory requirements and fines continue to become more rigorous with a jump to 400 companies in the OSHA severe violator program in 2015. This is a 25% increase from the previous year.

A company’s workforce is their most important asset, and those industrial firms with leading management systems for quality, health, safety and environment (or QHSE) understand they must proactively invest in technology systems to reduce injuries and environmental incidents in the workplace.

QHSE represents the “four components of a corporate management approach based on the belief that all accidents are caused by human error and are, therefore, preventable with better training and administration” (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment). Many QHSE Directors are using outdated technology and methods to mitigate multi-million dollars worth of compliance and legal risks. Additionally, inefficient QHSE management increases the likelihood of workplace incidents, thus placing the welfare of its employees at risk.

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Michael Bower is the founder of three profitable technology firms: Orange Cloud CRM, Force Optimized and Happywebster.com. Currently serving as the Managing Director of Orange Cloud CRM, a Salesforce.com consulting firm geared for HSE, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Environmental Services in the US and Canada, Michael is based in San Francisco and simultaneously working on his newest project, QHSE for Salesforce.

What are the pain points QHSE for Salesforce is solving?

Consistent pain points are seen at industrial firms globally. Three key themes are:

1. Time consuming paper forms, Word Docs, and PDF that require multiple points of data entry

2. Disjointed disparate and silo-ed databases with no integration with ERP (Enterprise resource planning) or HRIS (human resource information system) systems

3. Safety items often lag and are not addressed in a timely manual due to lag time between initial reporting and the task execution

The QHSE for Salesforce.com Management solution is fully customizable for each unique business and compliance need. Product Features include:

– Incident Tracking to comply with Regulatory Agency Requirements and allow for Risk Mitigation

– Training, Certification and Document Management

– Perform Audits and Drive Corrective Actions

– Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Management

– Environmental Impact Tracking and Analysis

– Automated Alerts, Escalations and Approvals

– Aggregate Salesforce.com data into client facing documentation

– Electronic signature capture

– Optimized for Tablet and Smartphone Field Usage

An Investment in the QHSE for Salesforce App allows the safety team to leverage modern technology and infrastructure at a lower cost of ownership than their current manual and inefficient solutions.

How did this product originate?

Orange Cloud CRM was originally established as a Salesforce consulting partner with an emphasis on serving the Oil & Gas industry. However with the downturn in Oil prices, Michael explained, “we were encouraged by the Salesforce group in Western Canada to pivot and develop a robust Health and Safety Automation solution. No real solution existed and every company needs to protect their workforce with a great safety program.

To develop our minimum viable product, we discussed Health and Safety software market requirements with 25 industrial companies across the US and Canada. Similar requirements were seen across timber, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing and mining industries. Out of these discussions and guidance from Salesforce, the QHSE for Salesforce product was born.”

Along the way of building his business he did, like all entrepreneurs, hit some roadblocks. He shared one of the key challenges in order to help other aspiring entrepreneurs who are also using the Salesforce platform in relatively untouched industries:

“The hard part of being a trailblazer and first to market is that using the Salesforce platform for Health and Safety is a new concept for most companies. This results in a long sales cycle sometimes beginning at “What is Cloud” and “Who is Salesforce”? We are combating this challenge by creating compelling marketing material and by partnering with Salesforce Account Executives.”

Where does Michael and team see themselves in the future?

He sees QHSE for Salesforce as being “the preeminent Health and Safety automation app available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Enterprise HSE software is forecasted to grow to a 5 Billion market by 2019. HSE Management is a key component to any Salesforce Service cloud offering.”

Michael is using Ideator “as a central secure location for ideas and collateral. Ideator has also been a great way to gain visibility to other start-up ideas and to see what is working for them. [They are] looking for an experienced SAAS Sales Executive interested in joining at a partner/ founder level, that can drive the sales process for the QHSE for Salesforce product.” QHSE for Salesforce is the first Health and Safety Automation System released on the force.com platform and is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

If you’re interested in joining Michael’s team or leaning more, connect with him on Ideator by logging in and requesting access to his idea profile.

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