Salesforce Incubator

Salesforce Incubator

Salesforce Incubator

Last month Salesforce for Startups announced that Ideator was accepted into the 1st batch of startups to join the Salesforce Incubator. Located in Heroku’s San Francisco building, my team and I moved our San Francisco operations from the Marina to SoMa.

Salesforce being the pioneer of SaaS that it is, dedicated this first incubation cohort to SaaS start-ups, or those which are building Software as a Service solutions. Ideator does just that.

We’re beyond proud to be a part of Salesforce’s incubator as Salesforce is continually awarded World’s Most Innovative Company by Forbes. The Salesforce Incubator affords us the opportunity to:
– Solicit advice from Salesforce specialists (from design to development)
– Leverage Salesforce technologies
– Co-learn with and from 13 other SaaS startups

Additional perks have included:
– Learn from keynotes and attendees at Dreamforce
– Networking Events with Venture Capital partners and other groups
– Host a booth in Startup Alley at Dreamforce

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If you’d like to hear more about Ideator’s future, innovation, and my early days at Salesforce, I invite you to listen to this podcast where I chat with Jason Green, founding partner of Emergence Capital (an early investor in Salesforce, Box, Yammer).

Ideator is an innovation network. We are helping organizations and people share their ideas. Whether you want to build a community for innovation or become part of one, we want to hear from you.

Carter started with Salesforce when there were about 100 employees. He worked for Rob Acker and went through the Salesforce IPO. In 2009, Carter left and co founded a company called CloudTrigger (Salesforce Ventures was an investor). After a successful acquisition by Accenture in 2015, Carter resigned from Accenture and took over as CEO at his second startup venture: Ideator, Inc.

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