High quality customer service is important for every type of company. Startups are no exception. Arguably, startups’ success depend on providing world-class customer service even moreso, since their name and their reputation is still being crafted.

Unfortunately, most startups don’t have the resources to build and manage their own customer service teams. That’s where Servixio comes in. They utilize technology to build and manage values-driven virtual teams to provide a cost-efficient yet world-class experience to startups’ customers.

We caught up with Alfrederick Cardenas, the CEO and Co-Founder of, to hear how Servixio came about.

How did you come up with the idea?

I’m in the outsourcing industry for almost five years now and my previous work as a Customer Service Representative for a food delivery startup in the US was actually amazing and fulfilling since helping customers is my passion. However, I’m always away from home. So, my wife, who is the COO of Servixio, and I thought of a way to help startups with their customers and back office operations while doing it from the comfort of our home. So, we created a virtual outsourcing startup targeting startups of any stage and industry.

What’s been the hardest challenge you’ve faced & how have you overcome it?

Being an early-stage startup with no track record, getting our first client and investor was the hardest challenge that we’ve faced. In order for us to overcome it, we only hired people with related experience to a client’s job requirements. We made sure that all of the team members of Servixio has something to offer on the table.

Where do you see your company in the future?

We see Servixio as the leading outsourcing partner of startups of all stages a few years from now. We see ourselves working with the most innovative startups from around the world.

How are you using Ideator? How has it helped you get more wins for your idea?

We are using Ideator to help us validate our idea. Ideator helped us put our startup idea out there so people can provide their feedback to help us improve things for Servixio.

Servixio is now in the stage where we are acquiring strategic clients who are willing to work with us so we can help them provide world-class customer support and ensure smooth back office operations for their startups.

If you’re a startup who needs to provide a world-class experience to your customers, or you need someone to help you with your back office operations, connect with them here!

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