Cristina de la Pena first came across Ideator when she was participating in an competition hosted on the East Coast. Called Pitch the Editor, it was powered by the Ideator platform. Cristina, Founder of Synapbox, the platform bringing the next generation of consumer intelligence, was given 60 seconds to present her solution and herself. The pitch was recorded and you can catch the clip here. She rocked it!

We caught up with Cristina to hear how Synapbox came to be.

It all started in Paris where Cristina was studying, or really rather exploring. “Architecture to me is kinetic,” Cristina said, “a city itself becomes your workshop.” While there she met leading architectural design professionals who were, at that moment, mastering new technologies and subsequently pushing the boundaries in their field. And in order to solve complex problems in design, they were using human behavioral sciences.

What is behavioral science? It is “the systematic analysis and investigation of human and other animal behaviour through controlled and naturalistic observation and disciplined scientific experimentation” (as defined by Wikipedia).

At the moment Cristina witnessed the power of behavioral science, she innately understood the use cases for which that sort of research could be used, spanning across many industries.

What exactly is Synapbox?

Synapbox is a self service platform that makes gathering consumer intelligence easy, accurate and actionable by integrating the most advanced emotional facial coding, eye tracking, machine learning and behavior analytics. Their technology works through any device with a frontal webcam and their focus is to offer actionable data that helps their clients make smart and fast decisions about their investments on media.

The problem Synapbox is tackling?

Companies spend billions designing and launching new advertising campaigns, user-interfaces and other customer interactions – usually without any direct user validation that could save them time and money. The reason why this is happening is because current solutions available in the market to measure and validate the effectiveness of content are slow, inaccurate and mostly based on subjective data.

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Synapbox enables effective and accurate experience validation, to detect if an image, video, web page or mobile app meets its objective to engage consumers. They can identify opportunities on the natural reactions of targeted audiences while interacting with content on their personal devices and translate those reactions into actionable data that will allow their clients to optimize their content in almost real time. Furthermore, they help their clients implement effective testing as a tool for continuous improvement and create their own customer knowledge database for predictive behavior. (Source idea profile)

Cristina built a steadfast team.

“The team formed out of failure and luck,” the CEO and Founder explained, “I tried to build a team in Europe first, then went back to Mexico and met Camilo Salazar (our COO) at a startup event with drinks. [He] previously worked with Francisco Marin (our CTO) on another startup, that spinned off from MIT.

The hardest challenge they’ve faced thus far?

“When you’re a start-up and making financial sacrifices you don’t turn down [new] business in order to strategically plan long term objectives. Finding the balance between building the business and being reactive [to customer requests] isn’t easy. We have not overcome [this] challenge, but rather work on it every week by establishing a clear plan on the company’s goals and how to get there in sprints, two 15 minute weekly meetings, and [with] a motivated team to keep things honest.”

Cristina and her team are focused on “adding value to the development of human-based computing and optimizing emotional recognition and eye-tracking algorithm for mass market.”

The goal of Synapbox is to become “a high-performance emotional and visual data “engine” that can be integrated into any company’s business intelligence platform. Ideator has been a great tool to find out what is on the market and how we can keep innovating and find new opportunities of collaboration with the community.”

Cristina, Camilo and Francisco are always open to start the conversation and help the community succeed. So please contact them! They are also offering testing packages at half the normal cost to starts-up in accelerators in LATAM and also Spain and planning on launching in NYC next year. You can gain access to this by clicking here.

All applicants to the competition and their pitches can be viewed in Ideator. Sign in, and check out the collection!

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