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The Ideator December Challenge

The Ideator December Challenge held on December 15th was a smashing success. We reviewed over 100 awesome ideas, 5 finalists were chosen to pitch to our amazing judges, and 1 winner emerged with the $10,000 prize!

The 5 Finalists presented in alphabetical order:

Game Builder is a mobile platform that allows people to create, share, and publish mobile games from their phones or tablets. The free application is downloaded from the app store and can be used without the need for any external tools.

Spark is a developing application that displays real-time data on the number of available spots in different parking structures. Data is fed into the app from photosensitive cells that count the entrance and exit of cars.

Super Troupe is a web platform where independent sellers, content creators, and non-profit organizations can join forces to create cooperative marketing groups and cross-promotional campaigns.

TrustMesh is a service for companies to share the status of their published APIs with customers. The business-friendly communication workflows and developer-friendly APIs meet the needs of both developers and marketing departments, who often find that their goals for communicating with customers are in conflict.

Wisher is a startup that enables easy wishing and giving all year round. When was the last time you made a wish happen for someone else? Every day, 21 billion wishes are made in the mere hope for it to happen.


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The Finalists

The finalists’ pitches were part of a live streaming event, moderated by Jeremy Sanders, Co-founder of Ideator. Viewers were able to watch and chat live on Youtube. Finalists called in from the U.S., U.K., and Spain. Each finalist had 5 minutes to present and 3 minutes of Q&A with our judges: Nicole Corzine (Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center), Ludovic Ulrich (Startup Relations at Salesforce), Kyle Murphy (Pepperdine University), Bryan Breckenridge (, Jager McConnell (CrunchBase).

The Winner!

The points awarded by the judges were collected during the event and later tallied. The winner was announced the following morning: TrustMesh, Establish Transparency and Accountability in the Cloud! 2nd place was Wisher, Where wishes happen. 3rd place was Spark, A new way to find parking.

Ideator is for Everyone

The benefits of taking part in the Ideator December Challenge have been widespread. Submissions came in from all over the world, Maz Cohen of Wisher, for example, pitched from London. Finalists have received additional feedback on their pitches and are being asked if they have employment opportunities. “I don’t think I would have really gotten the push to go as far or as fast without Ideator” said Teanne from Super Troupe.

Other people who were not chosen as Finalists also found value in the competition. One idea submitter said “prepping my pitch deck forced me to go to 1 Million Cups [for practice]”. The best part about Ideator is that your idea will continue to build and grow on the platform, so keep ideating and invite us to your team, we should love to help you chase your dream and be successful!

To see all the ideas that were submitted and accepted into the Challenge, check out The Ideator December Challenge Collection. And to watch the 60 minute pitch event, catch the recording here. Stay tuned, as Ideator will be hosting more competitions in the new year!



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