Top 10 Ideas

The Top 10 Ideas


The Top 10 Ideas from the Ideator May Challenge

Wow. Once again over one hundred ideas were submitted into the Ideator Idea Challenge and they were incredible! Ideators submitted all kinds of game-changing ideas from all corners of the globe in various industries from Food Tech, to Corporate Wellness, Artificial Intelligence, Pharma, and Internet Software/ Services, just to name a few.

After much deliberation, we were able to identify our top 5: PersonalHeroes, PlayCraft, Jodone, GIVENTURE, and Vaylenx!

To recognize the ideas and the ideators’ outstanding work, we’d like to introduce you to our Top 10 based upon the criteria we outlined. The ideators in our list rein from all over: Bulgaria, Mexico, Kenya, Canada and the US (both coasts: San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, and New York). Click on the ideas to read more!

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1. PersonalHeroes The positive impact revolution. RECOGNITION & ENGAGEMENT FOR THE 21st CENTURY

2. PlayCraft Helping kids develop social, emotional & cognitive skills through play

3. Jodone Software for Robotics

4. GIVENTURE A web and mobile application that connects real volunteers with real community service opportunities

5. Vaylenx We kill mosquitoes, not the environment

6. FreshBox Solar powered perishable farm produce storage

7. City – AI Chat with your city Connect with your city

8. DynaTrail Dispatch Systems Dispatching Made Easy

9. Smart Garden An automated system providing healthy and affordable produce from the convenience of your home

10. EyeMenu App that displays restaurant menus for visually impaired

We loved every single idea, and look forward to helping each and every team accomplish their goals, whether or not they made the top 10!

The first 5 teams have 5 days to prepare their pitch presentations, practicing their pitches with the advisors they’ve met through the platform, and the Ideator Team, in anticipation for the main event, to be held on the 18th of May, at 5pm PST. On that Wednesday the finalists will present to the highly influential and well-respected panel of judges:

Watch the live event here!

The winning team will be awarded with a check for $5,000 and free tools/ resources from sponsors of the event including:, Pledge 1%,, Startup Grind, Cooley, CrunchBase, and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center!

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