Traveling alone is boring. Driving long distance can be expensive. No easy way exists to quickly and easily find a long distance ride from point A to point B.

Enter Triio. Triio is an app that connects people heading in the same direction while emphasizing social experiences. “Triio, meaning three, and comes from wanting to provide users with the 3 amigos experience”.

Olumide, founder of Triio, is originally from Lagos, Nigeria and lived in London, England before heading to Ohio. When he arrived to San Diego as a grad student at San Diego State University from Cleveland, Ohio he couldn’t yet afford to purchase a car but he wanted to go to LA to watch the Lakers games. The bus would have taken hours. The train would have dropped him off on the wrong side of LA and required a bus or taxi afterwards (not economical). Thus, the idea came about as he was trying to solve a problem not only he had, but many of his peers.

Hence, he worked on Triio, an interactive and social app that allow you to:
– Connect with other travelers easily
– Save money when riding
– Make money on gas when driving
– Meet new and interesting people on every trip

The Triio app makes it quick and easy to post a ride and find a ride. Users no longer have to spend hours on Facebook trying to find a ride to Coachella when Joel has already posted on the App and is waiting for Ana’s seat request. A drop down menu of rides appears for the rider in a matter of seconds.

Triio iOS App

The Triio team also improved the social experience by matching riders by allowing them to see when other travelers have similar interests on their profile page.

Top milestones they’ve reached thus far, all the while just bootstrapping:
– Completed iOS beta version
– Signed Up 8 Drivers
– Completed 49 Rides
Recently received $5000 Success Fund from Zahn Innovation Platform (SDSU)

Olumide has shared what has been his biggest challenges in bringing his idea to life:

The hardest challenge has been recruiting the drivers. So we’ve been trying to find innovative ways to have drivers sign up. Puppies…ice cream…[we have to] stay creative.

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Where do you see your company in the future?

Honestly, as the number one long distance carpool solution in the world. Today [at the time of the interview] Google revealed their short distance carpool solution. It couldn’t have come at a better time. We believe that as Google becomes successful in convincing the general population to share their car over a short distance, we will be able to become the natural long distance solution.

How can you get in contact with Triio:

We have used ideator to get more feedback on our idea and more exposure. Everyone that logs in sees what their colleague is doing and can comment, provide feedback and vote them to the top of the page.

As Triio moves forward we are looking for talented engineers to help add additional features as we learn from our long distance travelers and would love to collaborate with programmers and talented designers. Anyone interested in joining a fun company should contact me directly or attend a luxury networking event I attend with @TheTribeNetwork on Instagram.

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