Wanderly: Live Long and Wander

Wanderly, Nicole Hobday’s brainchild, seeks to create a worldwide travel network, more personal and inclusive than any existing travel agency.

Inspired by her own frustrations and financial limitations when it came to travel, Nicole sought to find a solution – she was looking for a travelers network, a friend in the travel industry, who could book her with trustworthy hostels and AirBnBs around the world. But she didn’t find anything that she could identify with – a brand that personified her personalized and hands-on style and one in which she could trust. So she sought to create it herself.

Wanderly is the brand she’s creating and the business will focus on coordinating bookings for travelers on a low-budget. Wanderly’s team will also conduct excursions open to its community she’s building; these will be events aimed to help foster more connections around the world for travelers.

What does the brand Wanderly encompass? The ultimate vision for Wanderly is “become a beloved, worldwide brand, known for treating its clients and employees like family. [Nicole wants] Wanderly to stand for adventure….to be a name clients trust.”

What Nicole lacks in business acumen, she makes up in creativity and design. A graduate of Drexel University, Nicole’s background is in the film and television industry, spending 3+ years as a production assistant to films such as Captain America: Civil War, and is based in Atlanta.

Wanderly is a great example of a company being launched by a founder with a non-business background. Ideator is helping Nicole get the business skills and connections she seeks in order to take her business idea to the next level. “Ideator has been crucial in my learning process. Not only is the website interface fantastic to work with and helps you organize your thoughts and business plans, but the advisors are attentive and so supportive! The resources Ideator provides were exactly what I needed to start my passion project.” says Nicole. Nicole invites you to review her most recent pitch deck by clicking here.

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Next steps for Wanderly? Nicole is seeking people who share her passion for travel, and helping build a brand that others will identify with, grow with and of course travel with. You can follow Wanderly on Ideator to get updates on growth and follow them on Twitter at @Wanderlyco to get travel tips and inspiration.

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