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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

This post is 100% inspired by and written by women.


In a world where a gender salary gap still exists and many jobs are viewed as more suitable for men than for women, thousands of women across the world are proving that nothing and no one can hold them back from achieving greatness.

Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, where women entrepreneurs worldwide are celebrated, empowered, and supported by their communities spanning 144 countries worldwide.


One such entrepreneur is Isis Anchalee, a full-stack engineer at OneLogin. Isis found immediate and unexpected popularity when she participated in OneLogin’s 2015 recruiting campaign. Her photo, along with the photos of other staff members at her company, were posted on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to inspire other engineers to apply for a job with OneLogin.

Isis’s picture has attracted a great deal of attention both in the Bay Area and online via multiple social media platforms and news media outlets. The ad received both negative and positive feedback, with more of the comments leaning towards the side of disbelief that a software engineer could be so attractive.

Instead of avoiding the attention or getting angry about the negative comments, Isis, in classic entrepreneurship style, is embracing her opportunity to make a difference. Her platform, entitled “I Look Like an Engineer,” aims to redefine the stereotype of what engineers “should” look like and encourages individuals within the tech industry to share their stories and experiences relating to diversity in their field.

Using #ILookLikeAnEngineer, Isis encourages individuals to spread awareness about segregated, sexist, and inappropriate behaviors and comments within the tech industry, not for the sake of condemning others, but in order to bring light to problems and stereotypes with the intention of overcoming them.

You can read more about Isis’s story on her post on Medium, and follow her on Twitter (@IsisAnchalee) to receive updates on her campaign and the launch of www.ILookLikeAnEngineer.com.


Another incredible entrepreneur is Clara Buchanan. Clara worked as a professional model for years and began teaching newer models about how to increase their social media presence, improve personal branding, expand their networks, and adapt to future markets. She quickly transformed her knowledge of promoting herself into a solid business that now assists startups in gaining traction in their industries.

Clara’s company, Hypergrow, is a growth hacking agency based in New York City. The company is made up of a diverse group of people who have substantial experience as entrepreneurs and have successfully launched multiple startups. Clara leads her team of growth hackers who combine data analysis, marketing, applied psychology, and web and app development to build systematic and sustainable revenue growth for startups.

Clara has surely broken the stereotype of models everywhere and has added herself to the ranks of inspiring female entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Clara from her Medium profile and posts and by following her on Twitter (@Clara_Buchanan). If you would like more information on Hyper Grow, you can visit the website at http://hypergrow.io.


A female founder in San Diego, California, has created a company that answers the need for a little help on unanticipated sick days. When you’re sick in bed and have no energy to run to the store and pick up a few things to help you feel better, locals can now call on Mommy Dearest, your Mom away from home! The company, founded by Ideators’ Meredith Kaloogian. It delivers various care packages to help you fight whatever sickness you’re battling.

Mommy Dearest was conceived when Meredith moved away from her family and suddenly found herself sick in bed, with absolutely no desire to go pick up the medicine and comforts that she needed to get better quickly. With delivery drivers everywhere delivering just about anything you can imagine, she couldn’t believe that she couldn’t get some cough medicine and chicken noodle soup sent straight to her door. So in keeping with the entrepreneur mindset, Meredith created a solution herself.

The care packages include a variety of components, such as Gatorade, Advil, Pepto-Bismol, Yogi Tea, chicken noodle soup, Vick’s VapoRub, tissues, cough drops, and more. Customers can select from one of three care packages, each with a different list of feel-good remedies to make your sick day less painful. While the company is still in beta, they hope to expand into many other cities in the near future, and they plan to do so with the assistance of various investors who have recently shown a great deal of interest in the company.

Meredith recently attended Web Summit ALPHA in Dublin, Ireland, where she was invited to present her company to thousands of investors in hopes of expanding their reach and growing their business. When asked about Web Summit ALPHA, Meredith stated that she felt honored to attend such a prestigious event, particularly because it was by invitation only. Additionally, due to the small number of female entrepreneurs at the event, Web Summit is offering 10,000 free tickets to women for next year’s event in Lisbon. Meredith noted that the environment was “extremely supportive and uplifting,” and she is thankful for the encouragement from everyone she met at Web Summit, from college students to investors to other start-up founders.

Mommy Dearest plans to beta test this January in San Diego, CA, and focus on “strategically expanding to cities so that [they] can help those in need.” You can learn more about Meredith and Mommy Dearest  at www.MommyDearestDelivers.com, on their Ideator profile, or by following them on Twitter (@GetMommyDearest).


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