Create goals & tasks

Once you have a team in place to help you bring your business idea to life, it’s time to set some goals and establish tasks for you and your team to accomplish. Goals and tasks are an integral part of any successful endeavor, both in business and in life. Goals give us a clear objective and tasks help us to get there.

A business without goals is less likely to achieve success. A business and team without tasks is less likely to bring the goal to life. Start by creating a singular or set of goals to work toward and establish a way to get there through tasks.

Be Specific about Your Goals & Tasks

To get started with creating goals and tasks, you need to first establish what your endgame is. What objective do you want to work toward? What’s the mission of your business? How will you know with absolute certainty that you have achieved it? Make your goals clear and tangible so that you know exactly when you have achieved them.

Tasks are the instructions and routines that you and your team will carry out in order to bring the business closer to your initial goals. Although your goals may evolve over time, tasks will help you to discover what works and what doesn’t. Using Ideator, you can assign tasks to various members of your team, complete with due dates and public access, so other people can contribute and learn how they can help.

Online Goal Setting and Task Management

Using an online goal tracker, you can establish goals and tasks for your business team. Your team will be able to use this goal tracker in order to identify what is important in a given day, week, or month. Online goal setting has become very popular among businesses of different sizes. As companies today grow to be accepting of online work arrangements, an online goal setting tool will enable team members from all over the world to collaborate and work towards a collective goal.

Project management tools from Ideator enable input and output from all types of people involved in your business.

Team Leaders

Leaders of your team will be able to enjoy the benefits of goal setting online by establishing a roadmap to a specific goal or objective. Leaders should be capable of encouraging team members along the way and remain open to suggestions on how to help the business succeed.

Team Members

Members of your business team will be able to understand where the business is currently going, what the focus is, and what steps they can take each day to help everyone get there. Members of the business should have the freedom to suggest changes or critique the current roadmap if they believe it will help the business grow.


Investors can gather a quick snapshot of your business by seeing at a glance what you and your team have accomplished already.

Remember that as you move forward with your business, you need to have very clear and very specific goals and tasks. These will enable you to drive your business in the direction that it needs to go in order to thrive. If your goals are unclear or uncertain to you, how will team members know how to help you achieve your vision?

Your goals and tasks will change over time, but you must first have an initial goal and list of tasks in order to get started.