What does Ideator cost?

There is no cost to join Ideator.  There is no cost to connect with other Ideators, Advisors, or Investors.  If you choose to develop a formal relationship with an Advisor or an Investor, then fees may apply.

What does Ideator do?

Ideator connects people with great ideas with the resources needed to execute successfully.

Why join Ideator?

Ideators can cultivate their ideas through best practices guidance, a community of experts, and a directory of resources that ranges from service providers to sources of capital.  Advisors can share their knowledge and experience with passionate Ideators, and they have the opportunity to share in the success.  Investors gain early access to the next big ideas.

Do I have to launch a business?

Ideators can choose when, and if, they want to launch a business.  They can also choose to sell their ideas.

Who can collaborate?

Ideators can invite anyone they like to collaborate, and Advisors and Investors can request to collaborate with Ideators with public profiles.

Do I have to accept investors?

Ideators choose when and if to accept Investors.  By inviting Investors to collaborate or follow, you can decide what’s right for you.