The Laptop Se Startup Challenge

The Details

Who, what, when, and where


Track 1: Beneficiaries of Shri Akhilesh Yadav’s Laptop Scheme
Track 2: Open Category
All participants must be either domiciled in the State of Uttar Pradesh or current studying in an educational institute approved by the UP Technical Board.


Share your idea with the community by adding it to the Laptop Se Startup ​Collection. We will choose the top 10 ideas from each track to get a chance to present virtually to a high profile panel of Judges (TBA). The top 5 startups from each track will present their ideas at the Start in U.P Summit 2016 ​to a panel of high profile judges & VC’s to win a chance of cash prizes & mentored by industry’s top experts.


Now! Start filling in your details on the Ideator platform. Share your idea to get feedback from friends. And share it publicly. We will stop accepting ideas on 31st May 2016 ​at 11.59 pm​ (IST). We will announce the finalists 5th June 2016​ (IST).


Preliminary Round: ​Top 10 Startups in each track will present their ideas via webinar to our panel of judges on 12th June 2016
Final Round:​Top 5 Startups from each track will present at the Start U.P Summit 2016 in July­-August (Venue & date TBA)

Sign up on Ideator and start building out your idea details today.When you are ready for us to review your idea, make your idea “public facing” and add it to the Laptop Se Startup Collection on Ideator. Submissions close on 31st May 2016 ​at 11.59 pm (IST).​ Please don’t wait to the last minute. The earlier you make your submission, the more time we will have to review it. You can always make changes and seek feedback from others on the platform after you submit to us. We actually encourage this. Drive hype around your idea and get noticed.

We will announce the Finalist of the Preliminary Round on 5th June 2016​ at 10.00 am (IST)

Track 1

1st Prize – TBA
2nd Prize ­ TBA
3rd Prize ­ TBA