The Ideator May Challenge

The Details

Who, what, when, where, and how


Anyone with a business idea!


Ideator is hosting this idea competition and giving away $5,000 cash plus:

    1. Ideator Advisory Board access
    2. Access to key mentors and investors
    3. Free tools and services from our sponsors

The five (5) top ideas (criteria):

FreshBoxGIVENTUREJodonePersonalHeroes and Vaylenx pitched to the panel of amazing judges:

Read more about their bios here.


Official kickoff will take place on the first day of the Startup Grind Global Conference, (February 23rd). Start creating your ideas now! Submissions close May 1st (end of day PST).


The pitches were entirely virtual. The event was was recorded, watch above!


            1. Sign up (free) and create idea profile
            2. Invite friends / family / advisors to up-vote your idea
            3. Submit your idea(s) to the Ideator May Challenge collection
            4. Meet the deadline! (May 1st)
            5. Five (5) finalists will be notified on May 9th
            6. The pitches will happen on May 18th at 5pm PST

Questions? Sign up and ask!