Build and design your product or service

You have the infrastructure in place to begin development on your product or service. This is where the fun and magic happens as you build your business. Chances are you have thought a lot about your new business idea. If you have, you’ll be a good step ahead of those who haven’t. If you haven’t, now is the time to figure out the specifics on how your product or service will work.

New Product Development

Depending on the complexity of your product or service, developing it from the ground up to being sellable is going to take some time. The new product development process that your business needs will vary from others, based on what you have to provide and how complex it is. Knowing how to turn an idea into a product will take some time, but with Ideator you won’t have to do it alone.

There are a few key steps that must be completed in new product development, depending on the type of product or service that you are looking to bring to market.


To safely secure your idea, it may need to be patented. You may need a utility patent (to cover the function of your product), or you may need a design patent (to cover the aesthetics of your product). You also may not need a patent at all, or maybe not for a while. Securing a patent too soon can leave you with a patent that is too narrow in its scope, which may end up doing more harm than done. If you think you do need a patent, you can do a simple search online to make sure that the idea hasn’t already been founded. If it hasn’t, you can work with a patent attorney to secure your idea. Ideator can introduce you to them and their services.

Networking to Build Relationships

Visit trade shows and other networking events to meet people and potential customers. You may be able to find local or experienced developers who can help you with the most important parts of your business: physically creating your product or service. Ideator has prototyping connections within their community, so reach out within Ideator to get connections.

Building the Product or Service

After establishing relationships with other partners, like the ones you can find via Ideator, you can begin the production of your product or service. Ideator has a number of resources available to help you outsource tasks and discover manufacturers or application developers.

Investing in Marketing

After your product has been created, it’s time to release it into the world. Having a marketing plan in place will help you get the word out about your new idea.

How to Turn an Idea into a Product

Visit Ideator and navigate to the Resources category and then to the Design folder. This will be your destination for helping you bring your idea into reality with mockup and wireframing tools.


A wireframe is essentially a sketch of your product or service. It demonstrates what you intend to do with what you want to provide to the world. This is about functionality and helps other designers and developers understand what you want to accomplish.


A mockup is a representation that is more realistic of what you want your finished product to look like. These may be prototypes or professional artistic renditions of your product or service.

Ideator also provides a number of other useful resources for product development. Design marketplaces, graphical tools for sketching, tools to do prototypes on the web, tools to compare various user experiences (UX), how to learn from them, how to borrow from the best, and many other resources are all available.

UX vs. UI

As you develop your product, you may come across the terms “UX” or “UI.” UX is short for user experience while UI is short for user interface. A user experience is how the product or service feels to a customer or client while the user is actually using your product. New product development needs to take both of these factors into consideration to ensure that the product or service has the necessary functions while keeping the user experience simple but thorough for what you want to accomplish.

When you have everything ready, you can turn your idea into a product with the tools at Ideator. We can help you to outsource production of your application or manufacturing services, for mockups, proofs of concept, and full product production.