Entrepreneur Pitch The Editor Competition

The Details

Who, what, when, where, and how


Anyone attending the upcoming Northeast Tech Festival is welcome to enter for a chance to be Featured on Entrepreneur!


Ideator is powering this pitch event where editors from Entrepreneur.com will select the 10 companies with the best pitches to be featured on Entrepreneur.com. Get your ideas seen and heard by 13 MILLION readers! 


Official kickoff will take place on May 20th at the Propeller event in New Jersey. Start creating your ideas now!


The pitches will take place at the event: 100 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ 07030


Here are a few pointers from Entrepreneur: make sure your pitch is succinct, tell us what you are solving, why your company is the best to solve it and you plan about doing so. Explain the opportunity, the scalability and potential revenue. Visit the Entrepreneur booth on May 20th to sign up for this incredible opportunity. Steps to enter:

Questions? Sign up and ask!