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Social Impact

Ideator is committed to the 1-1-1
Pledge 1% model

Making a positive social impact in this world is important to us.
That’s why we’re apart of the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy
movement. Giving 1% of our company’s time, equity and
product to local and global causes allows us to actively make a
difference in our communities and throughout the world.

Ideator team planting 100 trees at an orphanage in India >>

Ideator is proud to support
these organizations

Our vision to be the world’s leading innovation
network means connecting and supporting
innovators from different walks of life. Ideator’s
network includes a diverse variety of individuals,
genders, races, religious affiliations, and ages.
We’re proud to be and support organizations
committed to ensuring everyone is given a
chance to be more and do more.

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